10 Reasons To Just Go For It And Get The Tattoo You’ve Always Wanted


1. Tattoos can rid you of commitment issues. Once you get that bad boy, it will not come off with some soap and a wet paper towel. Feel free to avoid tattoos that involve words, if that makes you nervous. Because “No Ragrets,” will most certainly turn into a regret. If anything, there are always great artists that can fix another’s mistake.

2. It can display your decisive nature. Getting a tattoo could be a visual cue to anyone that you are capable of being decisive. Hello friends, hello future lovers, hello potential employers. I am available and can make my own decisions. Impressed? You should be.

3. Tattoos are the classic ‘IDGAF’ declaration (even if you do). I am not encouraging blatant disrespect towards your fellow humans. I am encouraging you to take people’s opinions of you lightly. If you want a tattoo, get a tattoo. If you do not want a tattoo, do not get a tattoo. Either way, you are not harming anyone.

4. If anything, tattoos are great conversation starters. Are you the socially dependent introvert who shows up to a party with that one friend that knows everyone? Well, have I got an idea for you: tattoos.

5. They can help you learn to own your body. They are a great way to realize that your body is YOUR body and it belongs to no one but YOU. You could get a tattoo of a dolphin being a DJ for all I care. It is your body, folks.

6. Tattoos are visible memories. Tattoos do not always have to mean something. However, if they do, you will always have a piece of your past with you, even if it is a part of your present and future. *begins to feel sentimental and sobs uncontrollably*

7. YOLO may be over-preached but seriously, YOLO. The question to ask yourself is, ‘why not?’ and if you find legitimate reasons as to why you should not get a tattoo (assuming you want one), then do not get it. However, life is too short to be on the fence about anything. Love or tattoos.

8. They are a reminder of your mortality. Technically, tattoos are not permanent because you are not permanent and as The Book Thief states, ‘One small fact: you are going to die one day.’ Sincerely, The Bringer Of ‘Good News.’ (Psssst, you’re welcome).

9. They serve as existential crisis aid. Really, the impermanence of both you and your tattoo(s) could help you deal with your upcoming existential crisis. You know it’s coming soon. Quarter-life, mid-life, whichever one it is – you can find an affordable tattoo that will fit your specific existential crisis needs. Because let’s be honest, most of us can barely afford to splurge on steak multiple times a month – let alone a sports car.

10. Tattoos are a way to strut your independence. Maybe you have a type-A personality and want to let your freak-flag fly but, in a way you can control the (majority of the) results. You may be a reckless wanderer in need of new stimuli. Whatever personality you possess; I can assure you tattoos won’t care. They’re tattoos. They feel nothing.