10 Reasons To Love Your Third Wheel


Being a third wheel has a bad rap. It can be awkward and worth avoiding. But what happens when your S.O. becomes a part of your BFF dynamic in a good way? Like a really great, I-can’t-imagine-life-without-these-humans way.

Here’s to all the three musketeers out there, re-writing what it means to call three a crowd. Let’s face it, the benefits of your trifecta of awesomeness are limitless. But for today, here are 10 reasons to love your third wheel:

1. They know both of your ins & outs, favs & fails.

Nothing says “love” like your girlfriend’s best friend yelling down the Costco aisle “OMG! His favorite Monster flavor is on sale!”

2. They make your life easier for odd-numbered teams.

You need 7 players for bar trivia. 9 for softball. 5 for basketball. Odd numbers are ideal for poker. Are you seeing a trend here? Unless you want to be responsible for making one of your couple friends sit out & pout, guess what? You need those ‘tag along’ singletons to team up with. Bonus factors ther pent up aggression & ability to flirt with the competition are sure to come in handy.

3.They put up with your PDA.

Sure, maybe they don’t hesitate to photo bomb it, make fun of it, or promptly chug the rest of the wine upon hearing pet names. But at the end of the day, all jokes aside, they are absolutely thrilled that someone makes their best friend so happy.

4.They cover for you.

Trying to plan a surprise? Using a couple as your alibi is not the effective way to go, they are sure to ask why they aren’t included. Sporadic need for random privacy is sure to raise suspicion. But the third wheelers? They’re the perfect team player. Need some alone time? Your couple friends might squash your solo Xbox party in your boxers but your third wheel won’t.

Even the best relationship has moments where a third wheel comes in handy. They’ll fill in gaps when your bros fail, like the time your man-squad costume fell through so you re-worked a dynamic duo into a group concept, last minute Michael’s run & all. It’s amazing what you can accomplish with a hot glue gun, and group texting, #amirite?

5.They entertain you & give you someone to live vicariously through.

Sure, you both DON’T miss the dating scene. But you sure love hearing about it! Every date gone wrong is experience to laugh about, and it gives you a break from couple talk. They’re an excuse to point out attractive strangers.

They spice up the conversation, and they love when you guys share your stories that relate. Whaaaaat? Couple’s can relate to single people? Crazy thought, I know!

6. They make you look like you actually have a life.

When a third-wheel transcends your social media time, you look more like a social human than an over-the-top romantic robot (which face it, everyone hates). Facebook check-ins, inside joke re-Tweets, and nerdy Instagram are easier to stomach when they include other people.

Will you have to crop them out of most of the photos in your wedding slideshow? Yes. Will you actually have people attending your wedding because they didn’t un-follow your @$$ years ago with the constant InstaGreat couple antics? Yes. You’re welcome.

7.They help you when there’s conflict.

“There are three sides to every story: his side, her side, and the truth.” While the truth can’t actually speak up, your third wheel can. And does. They’ve seen you get your heart broken and they were the ones who helped pick up the pieces.

To be a third wheel by choice means they have been your cheerleader. If they didn’t believe your S.O. was the best, they would’ve be mean-mugging him from afar instead of answering your midnight texts asking for help. They wouldn’t be whispering to you tips on handling tough moments, they would be yelling at you to run. Yet they are here, tossing popcorn at you while you kiss and make up.

8. You actually do like them and support them.

They haven’t just been there for you, you’ve been there for them, too. Your third wheel knows when you slid them that beer and muttered what a jerk their crush was that it meant you cared. And they appreciated your warning about that f#ck boy (even if they didn’t really listen).

9. They make you social humans rather than stay-at-home weirdos.

Netflix & sweat pants are great; but so is seeing that new band, trying that new bar, and going to that art festival.

Right when you both are on the verge of becoming hermits, your third wheel is right there to drag you kicking and screaming into the world. And yes, they rode with you, so you HAVE to order another beer while they wait for their call at karaoke.

Plus, they make ordering that platter that is too-big for two understandable. That pink martini you can’t finish & you hate wasting good liquor? Slide ‘er over, your third wheel’s got this covered.

You don’t have to stop a stranger or grab a selfie stick for a decent pic. Not to mention, between everyone there’s a likelier chance for a sober driver, or better yet, a cheaper cap. The possibilities are as endless as the laugh’s you’ll have tomorrow when they make you pick them up at whats-his-names house.

10. They make big life moments that much better.

Sure, your future wedding, or children, or home buying is going to rule either way. But being able to do those things knowing the maid-of-honor, Godmother, painter-of-walls doesn’t suck the ever-living life out of you like an iPhone full of gaming apps? That’s priceless.

Wouldn’t you rather jokingly fight about what side of the isle you’ll stand on than the latter? When your “big days” come, you know that they’ll be there, fully supporting and cheering you both on.

Other’s might say three is a crowd, like a third wheel is a bad term. But those who reach professional third wheel status, know differently. Three notes make a chord. Three primary colors base a wheel of possibilities. Like rock-paper-scissors or kittens with mittens, wonderful things come in threes.

And yeah yeah, they’ll find someone someday. And he will have to learn to fit into the crazy dynamic. You can size him up and test him, like your third wheel did for you. You can gag at their kisses and throw popcorn at their mugs. You can throw every joke they’ve ever made back & he’ll just have to accept it. But they know that day will come & they’re prepared for the repercussions. But knowing that the right person doesn’t divide friendships, only adds to them, is totally worth the wait.

Until then, let’s raise a glass to the pro-level third wheelers. To every man & woman, sitting middle in the backseat singing 90’s hits at the top of their lungs with their BFF & S.O. up front.

To every guy & gal who chimes in with the movie quote when the other one couldn’t hear the cue. To every trio that tears up over something random due to inside jokes that make those around you question your sanity.

Raise ’em high. Because getting two sheets to the wind…that’s not how it goes. Three sheets to the wind is how it’s done. And you know it.