10 Reasons To Meet Someone At A Laundromat


1. You get a look into a relatively good portion of their wardrobe in one sitting. In normal circumstances, it may take you weeks to fully judge someone based on their clothes, but in this case you get it out of the way in less than an hour.

2. You can tell a lot about someone by what they’re doing while they wait for their laundry to be done. Reading a book, browsing the internet, thoughtfully staring out of the window, making conversation with fellow laundromat attendees.

3. If they’re at the same laundromat as you, they most likely live in your neighborhood, which is always convenient (or possibly the worst idea ever).

4. You can also tell a lot about someone by what time they’re doing laundry. I mean, they must be perfect if they’re doing laundry at the same exact time as you…right?

5. Chances are, if someone is doing their own laundry, they don’t live in their parent’s basement.

6. If someone can’t think of a way to hit on you at a laundromat, they’re hopeless. Can I borrow a dryer sheet? Are you from around here? What are you reading? Do you come to this laundromat often? How long does the dryer usually take? Do you mind if I sit here? Do you know the WIFI password? etc., etc., etc.

7. If you can’t keep an hour conversation with someone until your laundry is dry, there’s a pretty good chance you shouldn’t go on a date with them. It’s like a blind date with no strings attached. You have a set amount of time to tell your best stories and impress each other (most likely there’s even a timer on your dryer!)

8. Even if the conversation is terrible, you can always go back to what you were doing—or frantically leave and wear wet clothes all week.

9. Okay, like telling people you met your significant other at a laundromat isn’t the most romantic story ever.

10. And, worst case scenario, if you’re uninterested, you have a reason to leave. It’s called, “Well, my laundry is done…bye.”