10 Reasons To Thank Your Loved Ones


Unsurprisingly, I cried throughout the entire series finale of Parenthood as it delicately navigated the intricacies and complexities of familial relationships. Afterwards, I couldn’t help but think of all the things we have to thank our loved ones for, such as…

1. Calling our bullshit.

Be grateful for the people who do more than nod and agree with whatever you say. The ones who tell you when you’re being too stubborn, illogical, and borderline crazy may just be the ones who want the best for you.

2. Loving us in spite of our dark side.

Few people see the full picture and still choose to love you unconditionally.

3. Embracing the silly.

Take time to appreciate the ones who dance alongside you in the kitchen and sing karaoke with you in the car. As Amy Poehler says, “There’s power in looking silly and not caring that you do.”

4. Seeing the good in us.

Days of self-doubt and insecurities are a given. The people who love you and remind you of the beauty that exists within you when you can’t see it for yourself are immeasurable.

5. Allowing no filter.

Home is where you don’t have to second guess your sentences, make sure that you worded things in the right way, and tip toe around issues.

6. Creating joy in the mundane.

It may be time to call up your mom and thank her for making chocolate chip pancakes on Saturday mornings or to acknowledge your dad for taking time to turn off the game and play catch in the yard. Those little moments are what make life extraordinary.

7. Finding forgiveness.

The longer you love, the more you have to forgive. Family fights can be epic. Making the love that abounds afterwards that much more meaningful.

8. Seeing and loving the real you.

The “you” that doesn’t wear makeup, or straighten your hair, or put on real pants, or make straight As, or always answer “fine” when asked how you’re doing.

9. Providing perspective.

It’s easy to get caught up in the small stuff and over time, the small stuff can start to feel like the big stuff. Our loved ones are a constant reminder of what’s really important in life.

10. Committing to the long haul.

The good days and bad days, birth and death, triumph and tragedy.