10 Reasons Why Being A Millennial Isn’t All It’s Cracked Up To Be


We, millennials, are somehow different from other generations, some say we are more liberated, some says we’re fearless, a go-getter, some says we’re old souls and a lot of other things. Some of it are true, some are just over-generalizing. But the point is, living in this modern world where everything and everyone expects us to be someone who knows who we really are and want in life seems to be such a heavy expectations, especially to young-adults who are expected to be like an….. adult?

1. When you get out of college, it seems like living an independent life without any financial support from you parents is self-fulfilling… but in reality, where not ready for it, especially when you just got out of college and squeezing your way to the employment market.

2. It seems like we know everything. We know what we want, what we don’t want in life and sometimes it becomes a hindrance on experiencing things because we just wanted to magnify on things that we want to do and experience rather than tasting all experiences in the whole spectrum. ‘Don’t knock it till you try it.’ as they said.

3. Is it me or we all seems always lost? Like, despite that we know what we want in life, it feels like the contrary. We don’t know where we’re heading in life, we don’t know what kind of career we would like to pursue and even if we know, we don’t where to start, how to start! Everything seems like a total chaos inside our head!

4. Finding true love sucks! Do I need to elaborate this? We all know the struggle.

5. People expect us to party all night, have a lot of hot, sweaty and drooling sex every day and night and experimenting on our own sexuality when in fact our nights consist of instagraming, facebooking, netflixing and sleeping. Oh! and Pizza-ing and ice creaming with few beers on the side.

6. We’re so busy on our jobs that we forgot we actually need to focus our life on the things that will make us happy in the long run. I admit, I’m guilty of these one. we’re on job that we don’t hate but we don’t actually love either, we stay on this because we have bills, bills, bills and at the end of the day, before we shut our eyes and prep ourselves up at 6:00 am tomorrow morning for our weekday grind.. we asks ourselves a cringing question…’Where’s my life heading?’

7. We’re hypocrites! We always told other people and fooling ourselves to #live #YOLO but the truth is we don’t! We are so busy grinding and living our routines that we forgot we have to nurture our hobbies, our mind, our soul… and our heart and body.

8. We feel obligated to have that perfect body, that nice and toned ass and that perfectly flawless, acne-free face that we see on the ads, on TV and on every news feed on our social media. The truth is, even if we try our hardest… even if we buy all those perfecting skin serums and creams, even if starve ourselves to death, even if live in the gym we can never be perfect. We can never be happy with ourselves because the issue is not our body… it’s our mind.

9. We’re so dreaded on having a ‘meaningful life’ that all we ever wanted to do is find it, crave for it and living for it when in reality, we really didn’t know what it means.

10. WE ARE LOST. And the worse part? Life has no manual instructions on how to live and no maps to tell you where your life is going. We just have to suck it in until we know what we want in life and actually have the balls to grab it.