10 Reasons Why Being Smart In Your 20s Is So Much Cooler Than The Alternative


1. You focus on things that really matter.

You fight for the right things. The battles that you choose are the ones that truly earn your attention. To you, public opinion is not always the basis for justice. You believe that truth can’t easily be found in just a snap of fingers. You take your time to gather evidence before you make your judgment. You pursue what only matters to you in this world. You don’t use your voice for the sake of being heard; you use it to make a difference.

2. You are more interesting.

Since you’re curious about a lot of things, you spend some of your time finding answers to questions that spark your brain. You love it when you’re learning information you never knew or heard before. At a young age, you’re already equipped with so much knowledge and because of that, people find you interesting. Your ideas always bring something fresh and new to the table.

3. You can solve problems efficiently.

When problems show up in your life, you don’t panic; instead, you think. There’s always a way for you to solve whatever conflicts that come in your way. And your brain is trained to solve problems effectively in short period of time. You are not indecisive with regards to the issues that bother you. If something or someone stresses you out, you shut them down immediately. Time is precious to you. It’s not your thing to wait for the heaviness in your shoulder disappear. You lift that heaviness in your shoulder and throw it away.

4. You attract trust from important people.

Big people want to play with you simply because you are a good player. They want you to be part of their teams. Someone like you attracts key people in every place that you work in because they know you get things done and you get things done correctly. Persistence steams off of your body. One look at you and they know you’re something. They know they can groom you into the person who will become a valuable asset to their company someday.

5. You have bigger earnings.

In comparison to other people in your age, you significantly earn more than them. Your market value is above average because you have better and unique set of skills. One of the benefits of being smart in your 20s is that you almost never have to worry about money. You get good pay wherever you go. You can demand a salary that you deserve because you’re talented and intelligent.

6. You make good life choices.

This isn’t to say you don’t make dumb mistakes. Sometimes you still find yourself in hot waters because of your carelessness, but you learn fast. You recognize what needs to be changed in the way you live life. Your past is part of the compass that you use in navigating your 20s. As much as possible, you opt for choices that will both benefit you today and in the long run. You know when is the right time to play safe and when is the right time to take major risks in making decisions.

7. You are always in the right place.

Do you ever wonder why smart people love where they are? It’s because they don’t waste their time staying in a place that they don’t like. They’re not scared to leave. If their guts tell them to move and be somewhere, they will. Being smart is somehow synonymous with being strategic. They look at the elements of their lives as puzzle pieces that need to fit perfectly for them to live a meaningful life. When something isn’t working right, they figure out what is it and they do something about it.

8. You never worry about fitting in.

It’s not true that smart people feel ostracized most of the time. Smart individuals quickly find connections with people because they have high emotional intelligence and they always have something fascinating to say. As a smart person, you don’t feel shy reaching out to those who inspire you and because of that, you become friends with some of them. Despite your desire to spend time on your own, you are also sometimes happy to build deep relationships with people who have the same visions and ambitions that you have. Your life becomes more colorful when you are surrounded by people who see the world the way that you do.

9. You never run out of wisdom.

You see something good in every situation. You are positive like that. Some people like getting advice from you because you give them realistic and practical insights about everything in life. You’re doing your best to help the world become a better place by teaching others to be persistent and kind. Strength and encouragement can be found in your words. Everything that you say impacts those who read them or hear them. And that is the kind of power that not a lot of people have.

10. You are going better places.

No doubt that your future is shining bright. Whatever you do, you do it with passion. You care about where you’re going in life. You work hard and you don’t stop exerting efforts, even if the world doesn’t love you sometimes. The DNA that is built in your system is different from most people. You don’t settle down for just okay. You dream big. And you strive every single day, wishing you’ll soon find yourself in a better place where your heart wants to be.