10 Reasons Why Dating A Pisces Will Be The Best Decision You Ever Make


1. We are selfless.

You need help with your project and you are already cramming? We got you. Even if we are super busy and also have other tasks to finish, we will give our full time and energy to you, once we are sure that you are okay and everything is settled for you then we will continue on with our lives… unless you need help with something again, we will dive in right away like the true helpful fishes that we are.

2. We are great listeners.

Aside from the fact that most of us are introverted once you have our attention its going to be a big deal because we only keep to ourselves and we don’t want to be bothered. So, if we let you rant and vent out to us on how shitty your job has been lately or how you hate the world we are currently living in, believe me we will get out of our bubble and transport into your world right away to listen and to comfort you, that’s how we show our love; we will listen to you and hug you when you are already ugly crying at the end of your rants.

3. We are creative AF.

Your birthday is coming up? We will make you a song as a gift. We will travel together for the first time? Expect a travel diary at the end of our trip completely uploaded on YouTube and promoted through all of our social media. Halloween is coming up? I will do both of our costumes, plus hair and make up and we will win the best concept for that night and be remembered for years.

4. Prepare to be our muse.

Once you date a Pisces it is inevitable that you will be our focal point and source for inspiration. Whether you like it or not you will be our muse. So expect to be written, painted, photographed in all forms and expect your existence to be immortalized through art. Even if you leave us at the end, I promise you, you will have your own poetry book documented in the most heart wrenching romantic way.

5. We have the most attractive and alluring sets of eyes.

Most Pisces have the best if not beautiful sets of eyes that I have seen. Just check on Elizabeth Taylor and her mysterious eyes or Rachel Weisz with her mesmerizing hazel eyes. I don’t know about you, but there is just something about our eyes that is bordering between dangerous and delicate.

6. We have the best taste in music.

Please don’t fight with me on this one, if you are a Pisces I am very sure that besides curating your Instagram that you also have a well curated Spotify playlist. You like Jazz? Me too! Do you like Coltrane? No? Then why are we still talking? Pisces taste in music is a big deal so if you are dating us most chances are that you will be updated with the freshest and newest releases from known to independent artists, I mean hello? That’s what we do with our Soundcloud accounts we look for the next big thing even before record companies can discover them. We might as well make our own record label. Hmmmmm.

7. We are happy just being beside you.

Material wealth is not a major deal to us, as most of us are creative artists and individuals that are already aware that money will only be available to us once we are known for our art which is you know in the next coming 10 years or so. I’m not saying that we are okay with being broke, what I am pointing out is that if you don’t have the money for lavish dates or the money to send us gifts, it would be okay with us to just offer your time and effort. That’s all we want to have and nothing less, we just need you at the end of the day lying on our couch with our unfinished paintings and brushes scattered on the floor with the sunset slowly going down on our windows.

8. We sing like angels from heaven.

And were sent here down on earth to show humans what it’s like to hear our mesmerizing voices. Pisces have great voices, both our talking and singing voices are like sweet and smooth butter. Just look at our fellow Pisces like Rihanna or Jhene Aiko or James Arthur. Once a Pisces sings expect us to pour lots of emotions and depth to it, we like to connect with the lyrics of the song and just interpret it through our voices. Lucky you, you can hear us singing while in the shower, while cooking and even humming you to sleep. Aren’t you lucky?

9. We are sensitive.

It’s either you view it as a negative trait or positive one it will be one of the many reasons why a Pisces lover can have lasting relationships. If we know you are having a bad day we will take care of you and comfort you until you feel better without you mentioning it in the first place, we will just feel it in our guts. If we are in the middle of the fight with you whether face to face or through text if we know that what we are about to say will not help the discussion, we rather keep our mouth shut and just gauge the momentum and wait for you to calm down. That’s basically our secret of winning fights, we let you do all the shouting and screaming and we will be just here chilling until you finally realize how crazy you have been and you will apologize at the end of the day, but we will forgive you no matter what because we understand what you are going through and accepted that maybe just maybe we are currently dating lunatics.

10. We are hopeless romantics.

Lit candles and prepare us a simple dinner and give us the most simplest flower you can get us and I promise you we will be swept on our feet. Pisces are wide readers of romantic novels and film enthusiasts of rom-com movies and has a wide collection of poetry books. They believe that being cultured with anything revolving about selfless and eternal love will make them better lovers. So once we are dating somebody, we aim to make our daydreams of romantic afternoon walks in the park or a museum date on an art nouveau gallery to be a reality.

Once you date a Pisces expect to be transported into another world filled with art and culture. So it ’s not a mystery why some people who leave us are lost for a moment and would not be able to move on even after months of the break up as we are just irreplaceable to the point that you will surround yourself with art just to feel whatever you have shared with us. So, if you have a Pisces by your side right now, give thanks to the heavens and never let go of her hand and buy her that poetry book she have been going back and forth at the bookstore just to show how much you appreciate her.