10 Reasons Why Girls Need Girl Friends


1. Guys are great, but there are a lot of things they simply aren’t quite wired to get. “Yeah, you’ve been upset over him for a while you just gotta let that go.” Girls even if they are sick of listening to you will continually TRY to empathize, or at the very least find you a nice hot male distraction, either or.

2. Like you, your female friends have the ability to help you justify any and all decisions. “It’s not that slutty because it was just like that couple times, you don’t always do that.” Or “The calories barely count because we are probably just going to walk it all off later anyway.” Girls need the buddy system for that kind of distorted outlook from time to time.

3. Your guy friend will never go get you the emergency-fuck-my-life-paranoid-but-I’m-really-probably-fine- pregnancy test, they just won’t.

4. Guys don’t understand our (albeit ridiculous) way of over analyzing a conversation. “He just said k, bye, that’s all he said. Do you think he’s mad about something? I don’t get it.” Girls will dissect this, ask follow up questions, read into every detail you are. Guys will say “maybe he was just saying bye.” Ludicrous.

5. They will never quite appreciate the “OH MY GOD THIS IS MY FAVORITE SONG” excitement.

6. At one point or another, you are going to need Bridesmaids. You do not want said Bridesmaids to be ONLY your cousins.. from Michigan.. that you see twice a year.

7. Sometimes you just need someone to say “are we being fat or skinny today?…So Margs and cheese fries?” (Obviously you’ll just probably burn that off walking anyway.)

8. Occasionally, you have really weird obscure questions to ask. Things you cannot ask a man and things you will not ask your Mother. Cosmo can only explain so much.

9. Borrowing clothes. Lifetime movie watching. Bra shopping. Beach walking. Screenshotting and texting pics of people from high school etc…etc…

10. Guy friends, boyfriends, husbands they may be a “best friend” but you also need a female sidekick, comrade, and parter in crime to be there in the ways they can’t. Sometimes you just need that dramatic ugly cry, drunken night out dancing, and 3 hour conversation about “where our lives are going”, a guy can’t always fit that bill in the way a female friend can. Not to mention, you can only do so much complaining about guys to a guy. It loses its luster when there isn’t a chick across from you nodding her head and cheers-ing in agreement.