10 Reasons Why Lizzy Caplan Is The Best Mean Girls Alumni Of All


For some, Lizzy Caplan first started stealing hearts on Freaks and Geeks; for others, it was her iconic portrayal of Janis Ian in Mean Girls. Regardless of when the love-fest began, one thing is clear: Lizzy Caplan is the epitome of the phrase “girl crush.” Here are ten “totally awesome” reasons why:

1. Her acting is completely versatile, and she’s played a host of different characters. From the stoic Virginia Johnson on Masters of Sex to her appearance in the film Bachelorette, she never fails to surprise audiences with her wide range of talents.

2. Caplan’s diction is impeccable. Listen to her speak and it’s kind of mesmerizing; she’s a theatre teacher’s dream for a perfect example of enunciation. Just listen to her say the word “work” over and over on Masters of Sex and you’ll know what I’m talking about.

3. She plays Rodney Ruxin’s sister Rebecca on The League and she. is. hilarious. There couldn’t be a better actress for that role, and the moment where she nails the “Ruxin pout” is entirely on point. Plus, her hookup scene with Rafi is comedic gold.

4. Janis Ian. Caplan’s role in Mean Girls could warrant its own list in and of itself, from “your mom’s chest hair!” all the way to her crowd-surfing dive towards the end of the film. We all loved Janis Ian because she said the things we were all thinking about the cliques at our school.

5. Caplan is cool with on-screen nudity and actually finds it empowering. She’s told numerous publications, such as Vulture and Rolling Stone, that being naked on camera makes her feel empowered as a woman, especially when it’s in service of a character as complex as Virginia Johnson.

6. She was on New Girl as Julia Cleary and served as a great foil to Zooey Deschanel’s character, Jess Day. Julia is the kind of girl who punches guys and gives cactuses as gifts, and it was fun, albeit brief, to watch her add to the quirky dynamic of that show.

7. Her comedy is just as good as her dramatic moments. She’s been in countless videos that have surfaced over the internet throughout the years, and she has mastered the art of comedic timing. There’s something to be said about an actress who can make us cry in some scenes, but can also make us cry with laughter in others.

8. She has a great sense of style, ranging from her appearances on the red carpet to her more casual look of jeans and a t-shirt. Her hair is always fabulous, and she knows how to rock bangs. Also — those. eyebrows!

9. Caplan was unapologetically hilarious as Casey Klein on Party Down. To this day, fans are wondering whether or not a movie will happen. (Will it?)

10. Caplan has become something of a feminist icon, due to her comfort with her sexuality, as well as the way she talks about Virginia Johnson being an inspiration to her. Johnson, in the 1950s, was ahead of her time in the way she put her career over having a family, and Caplan has noted that her choices were very brave in that society. Caplan identifies with Johnson and places a high importance on her own career as well. And in terms of a successful career, Caplan is totally nailing it.

featured image – Mean Girls