10 Reasons Why Scorpios Make The Best Partners


Scorpios are known for their seductive nature. After all, Scorpio is the most sensual sign in the zodiac. But apart from being fun and flirty, what traits make Scorpios so date-worthy? Well if you’ve never been so lucky to date a Scorpio man/woman, here are 10 reasons that should convince you why you should start looking for one, now:

1. They are loyal and faithful

Once you’ve locked a Scorpio down, you need not to worry whether he/she will go astray, as his/her eyes are only for you. He/she will choose you over any other man/woman. When dating a Scorpio man/woman, you will find yourself being the center of their world, and be taken care of like you’ve never been before.

2. They are intuitive

They will take the time to get to know you, until they reach the point that they can read your mind. They will they know exactly what you want and need. This would be beneficial if you Scorpio partner is thoughtful and generous, as their actions and decisions will be motivated by what is good for both of you.

3. They are passionate and full of stamina

You will always daydream about hitting the sack if your partner is a Scorpio. Scorpios are intense, creative and will go for just about anything. They always know what feels good, and has the energy to play out just about every fantasy you can think of. Scorpios are very much in touch with their sexuality, and they will inspire you to push your boundaries and discover your own.

4. They are ambitious and driven

They are go getters who will stop at nothing to reach their If you are on his/her good side, he/she will do just about anything to make your dreams come true.

5. They are the ultimate je ne se quoi

Scorpios know exactly how much to reveal, and what to keep to themselves. They always have an air of mystery about them that will always leave you wondering, and wanting more.

6. They can tell your game

Scorpios can sniff out a phony a mile away. They will know if you’re in it for real, or you’re just around to Netflix and chill. Scorpios respect truth and realness. Might be best to stay away if your intentions are far from pure.

7. They are selective

Scorpios are very particular with who they date. They set a wall of standards where only the real and persevering can breach. They do this to make sure they are with a partner they can trust and respect.

8. They are pragmatic and practical

They build their decisions and goals based on facts. They aren’t big on wishful thinking and “hoping for the best”, and instead they plan ahead and prepare for the things they can foresee. Scorpios tend to be careful with spending money. This is good for when you are your Scorpio partner have come to the point of planning your futures together. rest assured you won’t be building castles in the sand.

9. They are emotionally open

There are almost no grey area in dating Scorpios. They don’t find it difficult to express their feelings, and letting you know where you stand. Once a Scorpio lets you in (which takes time) expect him/her to be honest and straightforward about anything, including how much you matter to him/her.

10. They are enduring and determined

Once you’ve proven you’re real and sincerely into them, Scorpios will stick with you through thick and thin. he/she will make sure that you stay together no matter what trials and tribulations will come your way. To Scorpios, challenges are not an excuse to bail, but instead a way to prove themselves they can withstand anything.