10 Reasons Why Sisters Make The Best Friends


  • Understanding precisely how crazy and what kind of crazy your parents are is one way you know someone is a best friend. Lesser friends might know the basic facts of your family’s particular kind of insanity, but your sister was there. She lived that shit. You’re basically war buddies, and ask any war buddies – you don’t get tighter than war buddies.
  • You can joke like little kids. It’s not that you are incapable of getting into massive giggle fits with your other friends, but no one laughs with quite the degree of “no, I actually can’t stop and can’t breath” abandon that kids do. Even as adults, there will be moments with your sister when you start re-enacting a scene from Ren & Stimpy in the middle of a bar and lose your shit in a way no other friendship can produce.
  • Even with your closest non-related pals, there’s always a slight possibility that they could be pissed or hurt and not telling you. Usually you and your friends are really honest with each other and don’t hesitate to call each other out, but please believe that no one is ever going to keep it as real as your actual sister. If you borrowed a shirt and kept it a little too long? She won’t passive aggressively mention it over brunch – she’ll just show up one morning to your apartment, walk in, and take it. Problem solved.
  • Because you sometimes call your very best friends “family” or “sister” as a way of expressing how important they are to you – and of course, they are. You can absolutely feel that devoted and loyal to someone you aren’t technically related to. But when you’re friends with your literal sister, you don’t have to go out of your way to convince each other of how solid your bond is, or how much you have each other’s back – it’s assumed. It might not make you especially closer than non-blood sisters, but there’s definitely as easy, comfortable confidence in your bond that no one else can really have.
  • You don’t have to worry that they’ll judge you if they ever somehow end up seeing embarrassing pictures of your awkward “mom jeans and acne” phase in 6th grade. They already know, and they already still respect you.
  • You will rarely – if ever – go after the same guys. I’m sure this happens occasionally, but I have three sisters, and we’ve never found ourselves in that situation. I think sisters are genetically predisposed to being attracted to different things, or maybe it’s a side-effect of intentionally developing different tastes during childhood attempts to establish their own distinct identities. Either way, it’s awesome to never compete.
  • You know that random movie that you somehow know all the words to because you watched it a billion times as a kid, and you just assumed everyone else your age did too, but you’ve grown up and realized that actually no one else knows that movie and you probably only do because your parents randomly bought the VHS in the dollar bin at Blockbuster? Your sister is the only person who knows that movie as well as you do! Thank god – finally someone you can make referential jokes to.
  • They know what foods you like and don’t like in a way that can only truly be remembered by someone who remembers you having an epic goddamn meltdown about being forced to eat lima beans when you were 8. When your sister is your best friend, you are way less likely to have awkward moments when they plan a surprise birthday dinner for you but serve food you hate. Your sister-friend knows what you like because they’ve had 20-something years of hearing you bitch about what you hate!
  • They make the best wingwomen. Considering you don’t ever actually want to think about the idea of your sister having sex, they are shockingly good at helping you get laid. It has something to do with them knowing you so insanely well that they know just which ways to steer the conversation to bring our your best qualities.
  • It’s not like being sisters makes you the same people, buuuuut it kinda does. In some ways. You had similar experiences growing up, so even though you might appear to be completely different, and could have entirely opposite opinions and tastes, there will always be some common core within both of you. It’s a lot like how people who became friends in college will always share a bit of a deeper connection with each other than they will with anyone they met after that – the more history and shared experiences you have with someone, the more they know you in a more whole, well-rounded, unique way that can’t be forced or given to anyone else. They have exclusive access to certain knowledge about you. And while any great friend still needs other qualities that a sister might not have (being fun and kind and generous and dependable and having similar interests, etc.), there are moments when the most comforting thing I friend can give you is simply knowing you and loving you. And no one does that better than a sister.