10 Reasons Why Traditional Books Are Still Awesome


In light of the new speed reading app that is going viral, these are the compiled reasons siding with the traditional books of still having the upper hand compared to electronic-aided reading devices.

1. Symbol of ever-lasting relationship

How awesome is that feeling when your book is well-loved that the pages are falling out? Even more so, the sign of wonderfully appreciated binded pages have creases and stains on it. That is the epitome of a book cherished over the years through thick and thin. It is probably the longest relationship you had in your life and that is a good thing.

 2. Sexual seduction

Every book lover or anyone who loves books understands the sexual seduction aroused from spotting another fellow reader on the streets, subway or in your favourite café while sipping coffee. The intense focus on the words before them just takes your breath away almost always every instance.

3. Conversation beginner

With a book visibly seen, you can strike up a conversation with a complete stranger. You will probably make a new friend at the end of the 37 minutes long conversation! You start off being awkward but progressively becoming more animated with your hand gestures while describing scenes and characters. If you had it your way, the conversation would last the entire night and then some.

4. Your best friend

It had you at the first line. You cried tears and shared laughter together. Falling asleep on its shoulder was a norm. It was your travel buddy during the long boring flights. It was your source of knowledge and the seed to grand imaginations. In other words, it was your best friend. Perhaps, it was even your baby. Would you rather cradle your precious fragile book or the hard and cold e-book device?

5. Family heirloom

If you are lucky enough, you have had this particular book that has been passed down from generations to generations. It was your family’s heritage. Rich in history, this book holds the emotional bond between the past, present and future. This is THE book that you will pass onto your kids during their wedding day. Your children will, hopefully, hand this down to their own babies.

6. Guardian of knowledge

A traditional book is still more reliable compared to applications or technological devices. Look at the ancient civilizations where they store their closely guarded secrets and knowledge in books. These books survived the sandstorms, hurricanes and other natural disasters waiting to be rediscovered again. These knowledge are well-preserved that we are still learning from them. Without these ancient books, most knowledge would be lost. So, sit back and allow the realization of being surrounded by ancient text overwhelm your thoughts. Now, can a fast reading app have the same effect? I don’t think so.

7. An ode to time and space

Words are forever etched on the paper. You can read it over and over and over again at your own pace, place and time. Insomnia is more bearable when you have passages of seamlessly beautiful ideas sewn together. You can read it at any age. With a reading application, online books need to be downloaded and may be lost over time as you change devices. Books, though, are here to stay. They are yours, all at your fingertips.

8. Onion-like properties

Anyone, who knows the properties of an onion, knows the layerful of onion that can make your tear up within seconds. A good author uses the same technique with great effect. Plots with well-developed characters and double meaning contain much cryptic clues and signs. Some stories make you laugh while others make you gripe with fear. Of course, Nicholas Spark-like scripts are designed to drain your tear ducts.

9. Jumping Jack

Books have a superpower of transporting you to another realm when you get too absorbed by the plotline. Hours passed by and seemed like seconds. Mealtimes are skipped without hesitation because you have to know what is in the next chapter. The endings become too important; the anxiety is too much to bear that you jump straight to the last few pages to satisfy your curiosity. After reading, you flip back to that particular chapter to refresh your short-term memory on the details you forgotten about. Flipping the pages about is fun yet annoying; a fast reading application will can only load according to the pages you select and only if the wifi is available. Shame.

10. Reminder of roses

With the world seemingly in a whirlpool, everything has to be instant. Instant food, instant cash and instant success. We live in such a fast-paced society that 24 hours in a day is never enough! The instant gratification thirst we develop only serves to create more success. We are already impatient enough. Besides, quicker does not mean better. Has instant food taste as good as mum’s homemade stewed soup? Slow down and smell the roses. Enjoy the painstaking effort the author has invested to bring you a respite from reality. So, take your sweet time to hug yourself with these beautiful poetry of words. Read with your own eyes, not with an app.