10 Reasons Why You Need To Save Those Coupons


1. First off, why do I even need to give 10 reasons? Coupons are magical little pieces of paper that appear every Sunday morning, tucked away in the newspaper like a sleeping baby and they only have one purpose in life; to save me money.

2. Using coupons has allowed me to continue being a shopaholic without clearing out my bank account.

3. I am able to pay for my ridiculously overpriced Manhattan apartment instead of commuting 4 hours a day to live in the slightly less overpriced New Jersey.

4. Nothing feels better than somehow beating the system and having a cashier hand you a store gift-card because you were able to get your total to negative digits.

5. Except maybe for that moment when you get to make a rude cashiers life a living hell by having them look through and scan your pile of coupons. FYI – I was a cashier for 4 years when I was a teenager and I NEVER gave shit to people for using coupons. Yes, I understand that this in Manhattan, but I do want you to scan the coupon that will save me $3.00 on my L’Oreal Shampoo, THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

6. Whenever my friends come to visit from Jersey they don’t have to bring anything to shower or freshen up with; they just go under the sink and “shop” for whatever they need.

7. I never knew that 25 would be the year that all of my friends started getting married and having babies. With couponing I am able to make fun bridesmaid gift bags (with make-up, lotion, hair products, etc.), give awesome baby shower baskets and send college care packages to my younger cousins without hitting up the dollar store in order to keep my budget.

8. I have extra money to throw at my student loans. I’m looking at you SALLIE MAE! Do you see what you have created?!?

9. Using coupons has introduced me to a new TV show that has become a guilty pleasure (while all the others are off the air) known as “Extreme Couponers”. To all you judging me right now, I do NOT have a stockpile in my backyard (I don’t even have a backyard) that is insured for $40,000 or enough sanitary products to last me through menopause. There is a thin line between couponing and hoarding; remember that.

10. Couponing message boards/threads/whatever are hilarious. Seriously, next time you’re home sick laying around watching Netflix in your pjs, just take a look. Think “People of Walmart” meets “Stepford Wives”.