10 Reasons Why You Should Impress Your Girlfriend’s Best Friend


  1. She is the closest person in your girlfriend’s life which means her opinion will matter more than yours, at least initially.
  2. When you do something wrong, the best friend is the only one who can probably blow it out of proportion for your girlfriend and make you look like a douche or she can also be the one to cover it up for you without you looking like the bad one.
  3. Your girlfriend confides in her best friend. It also means that she knows everything about you two. MIND YOU, EVERYTHING! If you were bad in bed, she knows it. So you ought to be nice to her. After all, you don’t want the world to know your ‘bad timing’ secrets.
  4. When you’re not there for your girlfriend, she is. Gratitude guys!
  5. There are things your girlfriend won’t tell you about herself. But there are ways of knowing these things. THE BEST FRIEND TO YOUR RESCUE. She knows what your girlfriend likes and hates. What makes her mad and puts her off. She will be your ‘go-to girl’ when you’re trying to make a good impression on your girlfriend. She can also save your arse if you screw up.
  6. The best friend surely cares about your girlfriend way more than you do (Obviously, this has to change over a period of time in your relationship). So if you hurt your girlfriend, the one to break your jaw will be the best friend and not your girlfriend. The smart thing to do is take her in confidence and she will sort things out for you.
  7. Girls like to gossip. Sorry, girls LOVE to gossip. So the only way to know something your girlfriend is hiding something from you is from her best friend.
  8. The best friend plays an influential role in your girlfriends’ life which means she is liked by your girlfriends’ parents too. Here you can earn yourself some brownie points because when she talks about you in front of your girlfriends’ parents, you don’t want her to make you sound like a loser. She could sugar coat you if you have worked enough to make her like you.
  9. Girls love it when they get surprises planned by their boyfriend and best friend together. Somehow, they like it if their best friend and boyfriend get along. This way she knows she won’t ever have to choose one over the other. That keeps her at peace and your relationship out of danger.
  10. If and when you decide to end this relationship, there is some amount of guilt that will make you want to be there for your girlfriend when she is shattered. But if you have formed a good relationship with her best friend, she will take care of both of you without anyone getting hurt in the process.