10 Reasons Why You Should Listen To How Did This Get Made?


My boyfriend can’t fall asleep unless there’s noise. I can’t fall asleep unless there’s silence. As a compromise, instead of him falling asleep to the sound of the television as he would do in my absence, he puts earbuds in and listens to something that I won’t be able to hear (isn’t he the sweetest? The answer is yes, yes he is).

Once, we were staying at a hotel and his phone ran out of battery. Without a charger, I let him use mine to stream podcasts so he could fall asleep to sound. This is not only how much of a generous, understanding girlfriend I am, it’s how I discovered How Did This Get Made?, one of the many glorious things my boyfriend has bought into my life. How Did This Get Made?, for the uninitiated, is a podcast in which June Diane Raphael, Paul Scheer and Jason Mantzoukas discuss brilliantly bad films. And it’s hilarious.

If you don’t listen already, here are 10 reasons why you should:

1. It’s Motivation To Watch More Bad Movies

There’s no better reason to stay in on a Saturday night with Hudson Hawk or Batman & Robin than to be able to keep up with the musings of How Did This Get Made? Actually, that’s probably the only reason. Use it indiscriminately.

2. The Gleefulness With Which You Can Consume Said Bad Movies

This is an all in, tits out production, designed for those who not only feel incredulity for, but who genuinely love bad movies. If you’re a lover of trashy cinema then this How Did This Get Made? is the shit to your pig.

3. You Are Guaranteed To Laugh Out Loud

I’ve laughed out loud at every episode I’ve listened to–that includes, but is not limited to, while on the subway, on a plane, walking along a crowded sidewalk and at the supermarket. And you know what? I don’t even give a fuck.

4. June Diane Raphael Will Make You Feel Less Bad About Everything

Even when the others are being negative nancies, June Diane Raphael, with joyful abandon, will almost ALWAYS suggest the watching of a film, even if it is shitty. Like Crossroads, bless her, and bless Britney too. Her love for the mediocre will have you embracing your own terrible taste in movies like never before.

5. Jason Mantzoukas’ Insults

Jason Mantzoukas has the best insults of all time. My favorite? When he calls one of the other presenters, or their opinion “Garbage.” So simple, and yet the tone with which he says it is just so hilariously cutting.

6. The Special Guests

If you’ve ever wanted to know what Retta thinks about Spice World, or hear Kevin Smith bang on about giant mechanical spiders and Wild Wild West then you’re in for a treat because How Did This Get Made? has both those things I just said. It also features the likes of Emily Gordon, Dan Harmon, Kristen Schaal, Adam Scott, Jenny Slate, Paul F. Tompkins and a whole cast of other hilarious people as guest commentators each week.

7. Paul Scheer’s Advertising Voice

When the commercials come on during the show, Paul Scheer announces them, and there’s something about his intonation and the timbre of his voice that makes sitting through the ads completely bearable and not as annoying as it should be.

8. Paul And June’s Best Couple In The World Banter

Paul Scheer and June Diane Raphael are probably one of comedy’s cutest couples, and their couple banter will probably make you jealous that you haven’t met anyone so perfect for you yet (not me though, because I have).

9. Everyone Interrupting Each Other All The Time

I don’t know how they get away with talking over each other all the time, but it sort of works. Paul, once interrupted, will always get his point across, no matter how long it takes. June gets snarky and you can just feel her sleepy, lizard eyes boring into the loud mouthed Jason’s skull as he doesn’t let anyone get a word in edgewise. The comedic chemistry between the three is just perfect, and their dynamic conversations stay fast paced and interesting.

10. Basically Everything You’ve Ever Thought About A Bad Movie Confirmed, But In A Much Funnier Way

Another glorious thing my boyfriend bought into my life is the movie Roadhouse. We watched it on Thanksgiving while eating cold leftovers straight out of an oven tray (sidenote: THIS IS BASICALLY MY WET DREAM), the whole time laughing and giving our running commentary on the brilliant ridiculousness of it all. Later, when I listened to How Did This Get Made?, so many of the things I’d mentioned about Roadhouse were also mentioned, and elaborated on, and I felt like I was just in on this amazing, completely hilarious private joke.