10 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Quit The Job You Hate


Oh wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could simply quit the jobs we hate in an effort to better set ourselves up for success. Often the jobs we keep to pay the bills are the ones that create a certain amount of misery within us. Many articles circulate encouraging people to quit their most hated job and bask in the glory of freedom and choices, but are we really looking before we leap? It is not OK to quit a job simply because you hate it (unless of course you have something fabulous to fall back on). In fact, there are many reasons why you should not give up and quit.

10. You should be so lucky to even have a job. Do you know how many people would give up a body part right now just to have the position you do? A LOT, So stop being so damn selfish!

9. No one is going to cry in a corner because you decided to jump ship. Chances are they already have multiple candidates resting in their back pockets to fill your void immediately. We are all replaceable in the big corporate machine.

8. Sticking it to “the man” will only give you satisfaction for a mere minute. Once you walk away there will not be a continued influence of validation. Wouldn’t you rather produce amazing work so that they can see what they would be missing if you left?

7. You probably have it easy right now, full salary, benefits, and vacation (anyone one of those three is a win!). Are you really willing to give all of that up to prove a point to your boss? That does not leave you in a very good place.

6. The longer you stay on and stick it out, the more opportunity you will have to prove to your boss that you DO in fact know what you are doing. Vindication is a powerful thing and it takes time, and seeing as how you are not going anywhere, time is all you have.

5. Today’s economy is anything but consistent. You never know when things are going to get rough again so why not keep the job you loathe in an effort to pay your bills until that big break or dream job just magically lands itself onto your lap.

As we all know, waiting for things to be handed to you is the best way to get what you want.

4. You may miss out on a learning lesson. Regardless of the frustration toward your job, if you took the time to pay attention to all of the things you really dislike, you may be able to find a valuable lesson behind all of it.

3. It is very possible that you are quitting for all of the wrong reasons. If you can’t stand the way our colleague speaks to you in meetings or, if the micro-managing your boss seems to excel at is driving you insane…these are not reasons to quit. These are the types of things that can be changed.

2. In reference to Kelly Clarkson, “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” and this is so true. Patience and resilience will get you everywhere in this world and if you can put up with the bullshit that is your day job just a wee bit longer, the results will be plentiful.

1. Reading this list every day will remind you of how reckless it can be to walk away. It may also remind you all over again why you ate your job so much, and for that I am sorry.