10 Reasons You Shouldn’t Overlook The Shy Girl


1. She’s introspective and takes her time before jumping to conclusions.

She exists a lot in her own head processing things. Her inner world is deeply rich. So, while she might not always be actively engaging in whatever conversation is going on, she’s paying attention. She’s thoughtful and purposeful with her words.

2. She’s a wonderful listener.

She’d much rather listen to you than talk about herself, making her a natural listener. She enjoys it. If you need to vent, she’ll sit back and let you get it all out of your system.

3. She’s trustworthy.

She’s not a gossip. Whatever you tell her remains with her. You can feel safe sharing your secrets with her.

4. She doesn’t mind being alone.

Because she hasn’t always felt comfortable in social situations, she’s learned how to be okay being alone. This is such a an important skill. She won’t be clinging to you or bothering you all the time. She treasures her own space and will let you enjoy yours.

5. But she also loves being with you, even if she’s not jumping up and down.

She’s not overly animated or exaggerated. Her energy is calm and even. She loves spending time with you. She’s just not going to be loud and in your face about it.

6. She’s totally fine with you hogging the spotlight.

There’s no competing with her. She enjoys watching you shine. She’s happy to be supportive in the crowd.

7. Just because she’s quiet doesn’t mean she lacks her own type of confidence.

She doesn’t need to assert her presence all the time. And yes, she’s shy and sometimes nervous. But that doesn’t mean she lacks confidence or self-esteem.

8. She’s got a great eye for detail.

You might not realize it, but she notices EVERYTHING. She’s always paying attention.

9. She’s consistent.

You know the saying slow and steady wins the race? That’s her in a nutshell. It might take her a bit to get there, but she is one of the most reliable people you’ll ever meet. She never stops showing up.

10. She’s not demanding.

She’s super low maintenance. She’s not confrontational. She’s not going to be picking fights unless something is seriously wrong. A shy girl just wants to hang out, have fun, and take things easy. There’s no unnecessary stress.