10 Reasons You Shouldn’t Use Autocorrect On Your Phone


1. One day you’ll get in an awkward situation.

When you use autocorrect, you often type so fast that you don’t even pay attention to what you send. It may bring into a funny or even awkward situation and turn “day” into “gay” or “come” into “cunt”. You might have already laughed at funny autocorrect mistakes. “Funny autocorrect” hashtag appears on Twitter almost every minute with new pics to laugh at. Now imagine yourself into such a situation and your text all over the Web! Doesn’t look that funny, does it?

2. People won’t get you.

Returning to the first point, sometimes autocorrect mistakes may be really funny and make you laugh. However, in some cases you might be totally misunderstood or not understood at all. I made the decision to quit autocorrect when one day I texted my wife asking her to buy “human spices” instead of “hamon slices”. My friend was met at home by a furious wife who got a message “give me that divorce” instead of “give me that device”.

3. You are nervous more often.

Getting back to the times of using autocorrect, I should say I was nervous more often. Each time I got a wrong word or had to explain the meaning of my text made me mad. Now even if I misspell and type “arm” instead of “are”, no one sends me “what do you mean?” texts.


4. You have all chances to become illiterate.

Autocorrect inserts a necessary word whenever you start typing it. It doesn’t make any spelling mistakes. Great you may think. But what will you do in case you need to type or write the word manually? Are you sure you are good at spelling? Each time you use autocorrect, you lose a chance to learn proper grammar.

5. You don’t train your brain.

If you turn off autocorrect and start typing the word letter by letter, one day you’ll face a necessity to use a spell checker to find out the right spelling. The more words you search and learn, the smarter you become. Unfortunately, there are only few people who can write and type without errors. Why not becoming one of them?

6. You can’t rely on it.

Really, sometimes autocorrect can be horrible. It provides you with 10,000 words, but there is no the right one. You will spend more time on finding the necessary word, than on typing it manually. Or, it might offer words from another language. In this case, you have nothing to do but type it yourself.


7. You’ll have to teach it.

The same thing here. Autocorrect knows only let’s say right words. If you want to use abbreviations, slang words or those you invented with your friend, you’ll have to type these words several times. Only after that your phone will remember them.

8. You’ll have more punctuation errors.

While using autocorrect, you barely watch at what you type. Thus, you are not too attentive to punctuation as well. Sometimes a comma in a wrong place can change the complete idea of sentence. So, you’d better keep your eye on it.

9. You don’t use modern tech options.

Nowadays more and more people prefer voice texting. It’s much more comfortable especially while you are driving or have a lot of bags in your hands. In comparison to autocorrect, voice texting recognizes punctuation marks. Besides, it doesn’t make stupid mistakes, in case you pronounce the words clearly.

10. You can’t speak two languages.

For the people born into a multilingual family or have foreign friends, autocorrect is a real headache. It can’t switch from one language to another automatically. So, you either do it manually when you type, or send something senseless when you use autocorrect.

Hope with theses 10 points I managed to convince you to turn off the autocorrect. Use your intelligence while texting to friends, colleagues and family members.