10 Rejuvenating Things You Can Do This Weekend If You Need A Break From Drinking


1. Become a master in smoothie-making. Sign on to Pinterest and search for smoothies that are the best fit for your health needs. Research the benefits of adding ingredients like turmeric and flaxseeds to your smoothies as well! Once you master this, you can make a flight of smoothie shots for friends and family when hosting an event!

2. Try adult coloring. Recreate your childhood! Coloring has plenty of health benefits, such as reduced stress and anxiety. It also trains your brain to focus, and helps you with your fine motor skills and vision!

3. Practice yoga. Skip happy hour after work on Friday and/or sign up for an early morning Saturday or Sunday class to reconnect with yourself. Take time to work through the stress from working on your mat, and take solace in your practice!

4. Coordinate a slumber party with friends. Put away your phones for a couple hours and indulge in some quality bonding time! Recreate old memories by ordering pizza, playing board games, and playing truth or dare. If you love your own bed that much, just grab a late Uber at the end of the night.

5. Watch documentaries or try out a new show on Netflix. Have you missed out on the hype of Making a Murderer or Narcos?  This is your time to catch up! Avoid binge-watching for an extended period of time though, because you don’t want to develop sore muscles or restless anxiety from sitting in one place for too long.

6. Find a local event happening around your area. Download Circle or Eventbrite and check out if there are any meetups, concerts, comedy shows, or free events that are happening in your area that you can attend with your family, friends, or even solo!

7. Pamper yourself. It’s normal to get caught up in work during the week, so use this weekend to spoil yourself!  Get yourself a massage, get your nails done, or finally make time for that haircut that you’ve been holding off on.    

8. Laundry. Be honest, it’s been a while since the last time you washed your bedsheets. 

9. Get your grocery shopping done.  Make a list of grocery items you will need. Try to minimize eating out during lunch and/or dinner. Plan to meal prep for the rest of the week! Download the app “Ibotta” for some great motivation. Before you go shopping, unlock cash rewards on products, verify your purchases using this app, and get cash back!


10. Take an online course. Use this weekend to educate yourself on something completely out of your element.  Udemy.com has a platform of courses you can choose from for a relatively affordable price!