10 Ridiculous Things I Never Realized Would Be The Case At 25


1. Your memory says, “Bye!”

I don’t know about you. But, I certainly have experienced a change in my memory compared to 5 something years ago. Back then, I was able to easily remember even the smallest of details about what happened two weeks ago, or even months ago. But now, I can’t seem to even remember my own password. I kid you not on this one. I literally have an excel sheet dedicated to document my usernames and passwords.

Now, the reason why I am not using the same password for every one of my accounts is that the websites require uppercases, one special character, and all that other stuff. I also rely on note taking apps to list down things that I need to buy at the supermarket, or tasks that needed to be done in the day.

2. Being busy is an understatement.

I always find myself doing a lot of things all throughout the day. Because I have an online teaching business that I manage alone, plus an online marketing, YouTube channel, and my sales job, I ended up working myself to exhaustion until my head hits the pillow in the wee hours of the night. As you get older, you value the responsibilities that your 15 year-old self hated back then when all you have ever thought about was to play video games and hang out with friends.

3. Sleeping becomes a luxury and you can no longer pull an all nighter.

Ah. Being busy does take up a lot of your time especially your sleep. I don’t remember the last time I ever slept like a baby. The only things I remember are how my excel sheets looked, the unfinished paper in Google docs, and my Google calendar.

I remembered when I was young, I used to pass out at around 2-3 AM either playing video games or studying. Okay, maybe mostly playing video games, and I was able to wake up at 7am the following day to start school and be.. okay-ish. But now, I feel sleepy at around 11:30pm sometimes forcing myself to stay awake so I can do more work.

4. Your social media feeds are all about engagement rings, baby showers, weddings, couple trips, pregnancies, etc.

This one made me log off social media for the time being, because all I see in my timeline are what you read above. While it does make me feel happy FOR my friends that they have finally reached a whole new milestone in their lives, looking at posts like this every single day is kinda getting old. So now, I look at my email more often due to business purposes (Irrelevant trivia: I have about 7 emails for personal use, work, and business.)

5. Topics of conversation is totally different.

Back then with my friends, we always used to talk about boys, where to hang out, and who killed who in that hot suspense movie of the season. But now, most of my friends and I talk about serious matters like investment, business, how to save for the future, cashflow, what motivational books to read, and all that grown-up stuff. Well, and occasionally…. boys as well.. okay.

6. Social media posts are almost always delayed.

When social media became popular a decade ago, I used to sign up an account in each and everyone of them and post like a crazy woman. I would blab about my day, albeit boring I would post it nonetheless. When facebook became the next big thing, I signed up for it and took selfies of myself and food and basically everything from makeup to socks. I would also post where I am eating and who I am hanging out with. Currently, I found myself not having updated posts for a day to a week. The longest record for me so far is a bit over 2 weeks, I believe. So I only took photos whenever there is a special event, or a beautiful place that my soul is dying to share.

7. You start saving for the future.

As you grow older, you realise that it is important to curtail your shopping habits and focus on saving for the future. I opened up a savings account and started saving a hefty amount of my monthly income, right into the bank.

I started giving value to things that I deem important. Like investing in advertising campaigns and new small businesses. When I was young, I splurged money like crazy with my measly salary that I earned in my corporate job at the age of 21. I shopped for clothes, shoes, makeup, jewelry, smartphones and other gadgets, which devalues over time.

8. But still…you keep on learning.

I noticed that I have this insatiable hunger to learn more. Be it writing, playing an instrument, cooking, business, etc. I always would scour the internet to learn more about this particular topic. I would invest money on books about business, how to cook, how to advertise, how to succeed in retail arbitrage. My kindle book is full of books written by great authors.

9. Apparently, being single at 25 is a crime.

As I go to parties and catch up with old friends who have a family of their own, they most often than not as me the same old question that I memorized at the back of my head, “Why are you still single?” or, “Are you dating someone now?” or, “Aww.. it must be sad.. don’t worry you’ll definitely find someone.”

Okay the last one isn’t a question.

They then couple it up with furrowing their eyebrows whilst looking at me like I am an undesirable, leftover, and unloved woman.

10. Personal time is precious.

Lastly, I noticed that a time spent for yourself is precious. When I was 16, I used to love hanging out with friends and coming home late. Right now, I value the amount of “me time” that I can possibly get. With that, I am able to think about what I want to do with my life, I was able to know a part of myself, and am able to grow as an individual.