10 Secrets That A Woman Keeps Close To Her Chest


Women are not only beautiful and intuitive, but also quite complex between emotions and logic that guide the heart and ways of thinking. Many times a woman’s warmth and openness is what in fact draws others into her charm—but what’s hidden beneath the surface is what makes her incredibly unique and mysterious. Whether it’s a question of feminine self-discovery, wanting to understand the opposite sex and/or a significant other, or simply a curiosity…here’s some insight that leaves further interest and intrigue about the modern day “Venus”.

1.) How she really feels in a romantic context.

Whether head over heels in love or running at a “French girl” cool temperature in the presence of a significant other, the person she is dating, or someone that she has an interest in, she will only truly open up authentically and fully when given the security to do so. And even when she is ready to reveal the kindness and beauty of her heart, she will always conserve a part for herself that anchors her self-worth.

2.) Her ability to understand and navigate interpersonal relationships.

One of a woman’s strengths is her understanding of the importance of human connection—whether it is familial, romantic, collegial, or plutonic. She knows when to be communicative, silent, assertive, diplomatic, agreeable, argumentative, and passive depending on who she is engaging with and the context of the company she’s keeping.

3.) The nuances of how she thinks.

Words, actions, and gestures reveal a great level of communication in which a woman with age, maturity, and life experience only becomes more self-aware of how she conducts herself within the presence of others. Whether she’s favorably in agreement or giving a push back, she will let you know what exactly she is thinking—but it may need to be read between the lines to figure out.

4.) Love stories: affairs, dating, breakups, and long lasting unions.

Although she may have revealed many details, highs, lows, feelings, thoughts, excitement, and delusions to those who were willing to listen at some point or another—it’s the truly intimate experiences that she will only store within her memory and replay them when she so chooses or lets them go.

5.) Talents, skills, and passions that she values about herself.

Although self-assured and confident, she possesses a sense of modesty. She is aware of what she has to offer—and expresses it in actions rather than words. She has nothing to prove, but when inclined she is happy to share her special abilities with others and enjoys feeling appreciated.

6.) Her most beautiful memories and her most painful experiences are off limits.

Expressive, willing to share with others, and expansive, a woman may find herself sharing her life story whether out on a date, with a stranger, or someone close to her. But there are certain things that go without being said and contained within her mental diary that is kept under lock and key. It is a part of her self-preservation that she reserves the right to keep her most personal moments personal.

7.) She knows that she’s highly emotive, irrational, and unreasonable at times—but she accepts it.

Whether it is due to hormones, a situation, or simply a difficult day she may be very emotional and overly dramatic. But the more it’s pointed out to her, the more it may push her to explode or withdraw even deeper within herself. Only she truly knows the depths of what makes her tick and how to console herself…she will find her center again.

8.) Insecurities, fears, and doubts.

Everyone has areas in their lives that make them feel weak. A woman is well aware of not only her strengths, but what makes her feel shaky and uncertain. Many times she may even magnify these areas in her life, which can take a toll on her self-esteem and self-worth. However, with reflection and positive reinforcement, she can figure out ways to counteract what is causing her harm and transmute it into something that allows her to grow—through personal introspection.

9.) Desires, dreams, and intentions.

Women love to create, plan, and construct beautiful ideals within their minds. They also could sometimes get caught up in too many details and future thinking instead of looking at the big picture and being aware of the present realty. But it’s what she treasures in her heart that remains sacred as she hopes to accomplish by reaching her goals—both personally and professionally.

10.) Guilty pleasures.

Whether inside or outside of the home, a woman knows what makes her heart beat and gives her an extra edge of momentary delight that every so often is needed. She knows what makes her feel good at her core and when it’s time to indulge herself—in company or alone.