10 Sex Workers Reveal What It’s Like To Work In The Industry On Valentine’s Day


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It’s slower, because most are caring for their wives/girlfriend’s/hopefuls on this day.

This day and the days leading up to it include a lot of tips, with the wish that you have a good Valentine’s Day.

One of my more memorables is a couple that regularly purchases from me, who wanted to make my Valentine’s Day just as good as theirs was going to be. They purchased one of their more favourite services and included a big tip at the end, wanting me to spoil myself. It was really sweet of them.

— princesskelsxo


I was an escort for about 8 years and would always get men wanting to book for Valentine’s Day, usually for a couple of hours or so. I would also often get flowers or chocolates from regular clients which was very sweet.

— MeninaK


On this day i notice people are really sad when they book you. Most guys don’t book during these days because their wife/girlfriend needs their attention. There are a few guys that feel really bad and hope to cure it with a date.

It can get akward when you are in a restaurant and run into people he know and have to fake a relationship. But it is really good for training your memory.

— Jessybell97


I had a regular send me the last little bit of money in his account and say he couldn’t be middle aged and single like this anymore & dropped contact. Was a moment of mixed feelings for me, and I’m still a bit concerned. Otherwise, business for me is a bit slow around now. Some people order stuff for partners, but v few in my experience.

— edenavi


I did various types of sex work off and on for about 5 years.

In my experience my regular clients made a point of not making bookings on valentines day or Christmas. The only real holiday in the year when there was a massive demand as such was new years eve.

That said I very rarely did the actual escort experience, going on dates, to parties etc. There were women that would do that and charge a lot less if there was no expectation of sex.

— katies_nothome


I used to be a stripper and I almost always worked Valentine’s day. Usually there weren’t many girls working and while the club wasn’t super busy the customers were generally more spend-y. I didn’t find it depressing or anything (no more depressing than a normal non-romantic holiday night) and generally made a bit more than my average.

Also, Valentine’s night was the first and only night I tried meth (at the club), so that was pretty awesome. Best I’ve ever felt, sadly.

— prettydrunk23


When I was a higher-end escort (not that I’m a low quality now, I just quit entirely) I always got men who wanted more of the girlfriend experience than just bangin’ on Valentine’s Day. Usually a nice date and flowers and gifts… then bangin’.

— ratsinaskinsuit


One of my subs sent me a photo of him last night (I’m in CA but he’s from Australia so it was valentines day last night when I got the pic).

He’s into sounding and he had put a large pink flower into his urethra making him a human vase for mistress <3 It was an impressively large flower too…


— MistressAmyBradley


I was a cam girl for a while, Valentine’s day was mostly filled with very lonely men and woman or the occasional couple looking for a third person to play around with. One Valentine’s day a woman maybe in her mid to late sixties payed me to spend the light with her over Skype, which was by far okay with me. She wanted me to cook with her, eat dinner, and to just talk to her. Her partner passed away before they were able to marry. She told me a lot about her growing up being a lesbian and how it was difficult in her time. She was really nice, she became one of my regulars. It was nice hearing her stories.

— emitpan00


So far since I woke up I had someone buy a dildo cumshow for snapchat and a custom video, both things I assume were spurred by the fact its Valentines Day. Last year I had a guy send $555 (I kept saying I wanted $666 so I allllmost got exactly what I wanted.)

I do notice though that there are some dudes who will fall off the face of the earth today. Its the one day their girlfriend/wife will put out and they are investing all their money and energy into getting that pussy finally. But as soon as tomorrow hits and their SOs are back to being bitchy and prude-ish they’ll be right back in my DMs begging for personal attention and sending cash.

To be concise, its hit or miss. Some dudes will send me cash and buy videos today understand that they’ve jerked it to me more times than their wife in the last year. And some dudes like I said are gonna try to do everything they can to make their other happy…til tomorrow.

— NerdieBirdieMFC