10 Side Effects Of Your Favorite Songs


We all have a couple songs that are always on repeat in our headphones. These could either be a banger that makes you want to party all night, or an emotional heart-wrenching ballad that makes us want to cry for days. Each song is different, and each brings out a different emotion in us, and that is the most powerful thing about music. It describes what we feel inside, which we are either afraid or don’t know how to say. These are the ten things that can happen after listening to one of your favorite songs.

1. An extra spring in your step will be added to your day due to sunshine

If you do not have what I call a “Sunshine Song” that instantly puts you in a better mode, then it is something that you need to invest in. A happy song can wake you up during the morning commute, be the soundtrack to a beautiful day, clear the blues, or bring some energy to a workout. We have all heard Pharrell’s mega-hit Happy and we have not stopped smiling since. Australian superstar Delta Goodrem’s Sitting On Top of the World and Beyonce’s Love on Top are my sunshine songs. It may be impossible to not smile when listening to these tracks.

2. “Why can’t I sing like that?” will be your question of the day

We all can’t have the vocal range of Mariah Carey or Bruno Mars, but we can dream right? Every once in a while a singer will hit a note that will make us all go “Really? How is that even possible?” Hats off to all the Whitney Houston and Andre 3000’s for their one of a kind voices.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pUK6HlzNWEg]

3. You’ll fall in love with the person you are dating even more (or the singer and imagine marrying them…. again)

A song can resonate with your heart perfectly and make you fall in love with your significant other. The big players in this area for me are Coldplay’s Yellow and Death Cab for Cutie’s I Will Follow You Into The Dark. Songs like these warm your heart, and remind you that love is truly a great thing. We all have that secret music crush and when they release a song about how much they love their partner don’t we all wish we were them? Currently, Justin Timberlake writes songs like Mirrors and Not a Bad Thing about his wife and John Legend is setting hearts on fire with All Of Me and we are all jealous of their partners.

4. A room may need to be acquired

There are just certain songs that make you want to immediately take your significant other to the bedroom and “get better acquainted”. Everyone has a song like this, and if they say that they do not…. they’re lying. A classic bedroom song is Marvin Gaye’s Sexual Healing. R&B songs really rule this area (honorable mentions are Rihanna’s Skin and Justin Timberlake’s Until The End Of Time), but there are a couple dubstep bedroom bangers that a really heating things up today. Try to not to rush to where the magic happens after listening to Lady GaGa’s G.U.Y. (Girl Under You) or Kylie Minogue’s Sexercize (The
music video for Sexercize takes gym equipment to a whole new level too). So find your partner, get a room, and enjoy yourselves.

5. All limbs of the body may break out into dance

No one can resist a fun and energetic dance song. Sometimes the beat just takes over and it is impossible to not move. Personally, I love Calvin Harris’ Drinking from the Bottle and Foxes’ Let Go for Tonight. We all need a song that makes us get up and move, and remember that dancing like no one is watching is always a good thing.


6. Your head might explode when the beat drops

Even if dubstep isn’t the main genre on your iPod, one cannot deny some beats in today’s EDM tracks are unbelievably hypnotizing. Recently, radio has taken to playing these more, and dubstep has made it to the mainstream. Hearing the build-up in your headphones then finally hearing the beat explode is almost instant gratification. Some major players in the EDM dance craze are Skrillex, Zedd, and Krewella.

7. You may want to go crazy on your ex

Yes, we all remember the days when Carrie Underwood destroyed her ex’s car in Before He Cheats, but can the girl really be blamed? Angry break-up songs have been helping us release our bitter emotions after a relationship has tanked for quite some time. Songs from Alanis Morisette’s You Outta Know to more recently Adele’s Rolling In The Deep have kept us from getting back together with our exes. My personal favorite is Outkast’s Roses, because roses really do smell like poo-oo-oooo. Sometimes we need a little healthy aggression towards our ex let out through a song.

8. An overwhelming knowledge that you are the greatest and nothing can touch you will appear

After Listening to Beyonce’s ***Flawless I really do believe that “I woke up like ‘dis” all the time. Some leading ladies in hip-hop really dominate this area. The Iggy Azalea and Charli XCX assisted Fancy really lets one know that they are the greatest thing around. Humans need a little confidence boost every now and then, so there is nothing wrong with an upbeat song that tells you that you are the shit.

9. Spirit, freedom, and sense of identity is strengthened

These are songs that boost confidence, but not in a playful way. Songs that increase the strength of our spirit and identity are a powerful thing. A playlist on my iPod is dedicated to have a strong spirit. Some of the most played songs on this playlist are Beautiful by Christina Aguilera and 30 Seconds to Mars’ Closer To The Edge.


10. A lyric will describe your life perfectly at that exact moment, and tears will become prominent

Sometimes I will be walking on campus listening to my music and a lyric will stop me in my tracks. This is because it captures everything I emotion I am feeling in my life right at that moment. The most prominent lyric of recent weeks is from Christina Perri’s I Believe and that is “I believe that the darkness reminds us where light can be.” Natalia Kills’ Saturday Night lyrics also hit me hard as well, “And I’ll put on my dancing shoes real tight, cause it’s just another Saturday night.” When music hits us right where we keep hide our deepest emotion that’s when it has the greatest effect.

Music is a beautiful thing. It brings out many emotions in us that we did not know were there. These things listed above are just some of the effects that music can have on us. It is perfectly normal to be taken back by a song because it describes everything you feel at the moment. One of the best quotes I have ever heard was from German filmmaker Wim Wenders and that is “My advice is don’t spend your money on therapy. Spend it in a record store.”

If you believe there are any other side-effects of your favorite songs please comment below!