10 Signs She’s Your Soulmate


1. A fortune teller said you would find your soulmate.

If a fortune teller predicted you’d meet the woman of your dreams at some point in the future, and then later you met your girlfriend…well, technically that occurred in the future! Coincidence? Or are the two of you fated to be together?

2. You found her picture on the Wikipedia page for soulmate.

If you look up “soulmate” on the popular internet encyclopedia and you find an image of your lover’s face smiling back, that’s a good indication of wedding bells in the future!

3. Your astrological sign and her astrological sign totally fucked.

It’s alright if you don’t believe in the supernatural, but just for fun comb the Greek myths that originated the twelve creatures of the zodiac to see if yours and hers ever got it on.  If you know what I mean ;).

4. You never get sick because your body likes being alive too much.

When you meet that special someone the world just seems like a brighter place. Food tastes better, colors are more vivid, and sometimes your body can be so overcome by dedication to your partner that it develops an immunity to all illness and injury.

5. Whenever she flies you make the pilot promise they’ll try extra hard not to crash.

Maybe your love makes you a little irrational, but she thinks it’s sweet that you worry!

6. She stays to the right when you’re wearing your ” I’m With My Soulmate” T- shirt.

A successful romance takes effort from both sides. If she constantly repositions herself so the arrow is pointing at her when you wear this t-shirt, it means she’s not afraid of the hard work a lifelong relationship requires.

7. She likes Game of Thrones but isn’t too into it. Y’ know?

Sharing interests is important, and you love that you can spend your Sunday evenings cuddled up watching the HBO fantasy epic, but she doesn’t dress up in costumes, or read the books or anything because that’d be pretty nerdy. Right?

8. When you two make out in public and someone yells  “Get a room!” they  really mean it.

While this phrase is normally hurled as an insult towards unwanted PDA, if the physical expression of your desire is pure enough, any hotel owner who sees it will offer a free room to assist the lovemaking. Nice!

9. Whenever you get hit by a cab she screams “Hey! My soulmate’s walking here!”

She stands up for you when you can’t stand up for yourself.

10. She is Meghan Armstorf, daughter of Tom and Janice Armstorf, and kindergarten teacher from Washington D.C.

If this doesn’t describe your sweetheart then there’s no chance you found your soulmate. It’d be best if you end things with her and keep looking. I’d suggest starting in Washington D.C. ☺.