10 Signs You Are a Broke-Ass Grad Student


1. Whenever you run out of toilet paper, printer paper, plastic utensils and napkins, you bring an empty backpack to campus and grab whatever it is you need.

Yes, that includes going stall to stall and grabbing half used rolls of toilet paper. There’s a fine line between pathetic and resourceful, and I’ll be the first to admit this is one half roll short of pathetic.

2. You have begun making profiles on websites like SeekingArrangement.com.

3. You go to Trivia night religiously even though you are terrible at it.

It seems like a place where you can find other single grad students, right? Right?

4. You get asked if you are a freshman…

…and can’t decide whether to be horrified or delighted.

5. You find yourself actually missing the free beer at the frat parties you shamelessly attended during your undergrad days.

Free beer?!! Warm Natty Light never sounded so good.

6. Whenever you hear a guy say he works at the local engineering company, he becomes instantly more attractive.

And you consider dating him regardless of his appearance, relationship status or really anything else.

7. You find yourself judging the rowdy college kids with fake IDs in the bars for cramping your style…

…regardless of the fact that only a few years ago you were one of them.

8. When you order Dominos, you use a coupon even if that involves ordering four times as much pizza as you actually need.

You then calculate how much your pizza costs per serving, and brag to your fellow grad students friends about the awesome deal you found, not mentioning that it involves two straight weeks of eating Dominos for every meal.

9. If your apartment has coin operated laundry, you bring your laundry to a friend’s house to use their machine.

Your friends will probably offer the use of their washing machine, but assume you will never take them up on it. You see this as an opportunity to prove them wrong.

10. You notice a nice looking chair in the dumpster of your apartment, so you drag it up three flights of stairs…

…and Snapchat it to all your friends (dumpster diving! Great find!) before realizing they will judge you.

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