10 Signs You Are Lying About Having High Standards


1. You swear you are never going to text him again — but then you answer back within five minutes. When he goes MIA, you are pissed off at him. You say he is not worthy of a second more of your time and that you are finally going to move on from him. But as soon as his name appears on your phone, you change your tune. You decide to give him one last chance. You decide to text him back after twenty minutes, even though he made you wait three days to hear from him.

2. You consider mediocre standards ‘high’. You think it’s a big deal when someone actually texts you back. When someone buys you one drink. When someone holds the door open for you. You might think you have high standards, but really, you are just looking for someone who doesn’t treat you like complete shit.

3. You give out third and fourth chancesInstead of deciding someone is not worthy of your love after hurting you once — or even twice — you keep letting then back into your world. You keep giving them the benefit of the doubt even though they should have lost your trust a long time ago.

4. You text exes. You know you broke up for a reason. You know they belong in your past. But whenever you take a few sips of alcohol, you end up dialing their number because you can’t stand going too long without hearing from them.

5. You let yourself get treated like shit. You never stick up for yourself. Someone could make a comment about how you’re too heavy or too skinny and you would just let it roll off your shoulders. You laugh off mean jokes. You act like nothing is bothering you even when you’re hurting inside because you don’t want to chase anyone away.

6. You keep getting trapped in one-sided relationshipsYou are always the person who is sending the first text and planning dates and keeping conversations alive. You tell yourself he cares about you as much as you care about him, but if that were the case, he would be putting in more effort from his side.

7. You crush on people who make you feel bad about yourself. People who make you question whether you are ugly, whether you are annoying, whether you are unworthy of love.

8. You talk horribly about yourself in private. When you’re with friends, you joke about how nobody deserves you and how you are hot as hell. But the second you’re alone again, your insecurities creep in. You start looking in the mirror and complaining about all the things you hate about yourself.

9. You always think it can’t get any better than this. Even when you are in toxic relationships. Even when the other person treats you like a second choice. You never think you can do any better. You always feel like you are reaching out of your league, even when you are far below it.

10. You claim you are independent — but you are secretly miserable without a relationship. Whenever you are single, you complain about how lonely you feel. You get jealous of anyone who is part of a couple. You spend all of your free time wishing that you were in love because, in your mind, there is nothing better than a good romance. You would rather be in a bad relationship than stay single, which means your standards aren’t as high as you keep telling yourself.