10 Signs You Are Ready To Move On


1. You can say their name without instantly wanting to fall into hysterics and throw things…or throw up.

2. You can listen to the radio and not have to change every single song because it makes you think of them, now it’s just a few.

3. You have actually been able to picture yourself being in another relationship someday. The idea of finding happiness again no longer sounds as likely as buying a pet unicorn.

4. You are realizing the world isn’t just a sea of misery and defeat. You find yourself enjoying things on occasion and doing less of the fake awkward smile you’ve been sporting the last few months.

5. You no longer have the urge to yell obscenities at happy couples you come across. In fact, you haven’t said “FUCK LOVE!” out loud in nearly a month now.

6. Drinking is now something that is an OPTIONAL daily occurrence and not a necessary motivator to leave the house.

7. You may have even gone on ‘dates”. While those dates may not have been remotely special, or even that enjoyable, you have proved you have it in you!

8. You realize that it has been a while since you virtually stalked them and your pride thanks you for it.

9. You aren’t waiting by your phone or jumping to answer a text or call from them.

10. You are now focusing on OTHER important relationships in your life and not just your relationship with a pint of Ben & Jerry’s.

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