10 Signs You Know You’re In A Crazy Fun Relationship That Will Last Forever


There is nothing better than being with someone that understands you. You have that connection that is difficult to explain to others, and being around them makes you happy (even when you’re arguing and want to strangle them).

When you’ve been with the right person for a long time you get in sync and you can act like complete idiots in front of one another. There is no need to act like someone else because you know your partner will accept you for who you are.

Below I listed 10 things that fun/weird/crazy couples do.

1. You shit talk everybody.

Even members of your own family. It’s fun! We all have family members and friends that are over-the-top and ridiculous and when you find someone that is willing to talk crap about them with you then you’re lucky.

2. You use the bathroom in front of one another.

So what if you’re peeing? Some conversations just can’t wait!

3. You no longer feel the need to hold in your farts.

Farts are funny and if you don’t think so then you suck.

4. You are okay with going out in your matching onesies.

I have done this and we have looked really stupid, but we were stupid together and that’s all that matters.

5. You have gone out with their mom and you may have discussed your sex life with your future mother-in-law.

While this can horrify your boyfriend, you don’t really care because it’s hilarious.

6. You feel superior to all your friends.

Because you think your relationship is better (which it is, duh!).

7. You have let your walls down.

And have let them see you ugly cry.

8. You feel comfortable around their family.

And this can mean that you often find out the family gossip before they do. The gossip is always juicy.

9. Your romantic getaways involve lots of laughter…

Sex, and maybe some Pokemon? 

10. You can’t picture your life without them.

They are your future and you couldn’t be happier about that.