10 Signs You Went Through A Full-Blown Awkward Stage In Middle School


1. You once believed it was “hot” to wear your hair in the tightest ponytail possible, slicked back looking as if your scalp could split at the hairline any second. 

2. You wore a combination of a mini jean skirt, a shirt with the word “princess” scrolled across the front, tennis shoes and tall white socks. *CRINGE* Worst of all, you wore this outfit in public! WHAT WERE YOU THINKING? 

3. You were a heartfelt full blown lover of the choker necklace as you can tell from seven years of consecutive school pictures in which you were rocking it. I still don’t remember what ever prompted me to finally take it off, but thank god it did. 

4. Your first CD was Avril Lavigne’s “Let Go” in which you jammed to every morning on your way to school using your portable CD player. The saddest part is to this day you can still rehearse “Sk8er boi” word for word.  

5. You went through the “OMG I LOVE HORSES, IM SUCH A COWGIRL” stage. But in reality, you were pretty much the biggest cowgirl…without a horse. Thank the heavens this didn’t last long. 

6. Not only did you attempt to put makeup on without knowing how to, you also wore it to school. Blues. Purples. Greens. All shades of bright horrible looking colors that never matched your awkward mismatch outfits. Awful. Just Awful. 

7. You had your first boyfriend at the age of 13, this was the one whose name was scrawled  through every notebook you owned encircled in a heart, this unfortunate boy was the one in which you promised yourself that no other boy would ever compare. I mean SE + BM = <3 even though you never truly went on a date, the only interaction you had outside of school was talking to each other via a corded house phone as your parents listened from the next room, and you never even had a first kiss.  But your 13-year-old self was still reeling over the one night she swore was the end of life as she knew it, the night of her first and last slow dance with the then boy of her dreams at her first school dance. Thank god first loves are firsts…one and done, one and done. 

8. The year of the initial. Everything you wore was laced with the initial of your first name, mine unfortunately was an “S” and somehow after rocking my backpack with a big letter “S” embroidered into the back it no longer stood for Samantha but for Shrek, Scott, you name it, anything but an “S”. This somehow followed me for the next three years of my high school career as some of the signatures in my senior yearbook read as “Scott…”. Lovely, just lovely.

9. You gave into every fad possible. The multi colored bracelets: “Whoa Monica don’t let Tyler break your black bracelet, you’ll have to have sex with him!”. The wearing of a mini skirt over a pair of jeans. GROSS. Tying water balloons around your flip flop thong. The sweatpants sporting “heartbreaker” “juicy” or worse yet “baby girl” across the butt.  Who came up with these terrible ideas? 

10. You cringe at absolutely everything about this stage, but deep down you are so happy you experienced every choker necklace loving tight ponytail wearing “Simple Plan” lyric second of it, after all it shaped who you are.