10 Signs Your Forever Person Is Holding You Back From The Future You Deserve


1. They push you to procrastinate. Instead of getting work done, you choose to spend all of your time with them. You would rather lounge around with them on the couch than be productive — and it’s starting to become a problem. They’re starting to become your entire world, the only thing you care about.

2. They don’t believe in your dreams. Whenever you talk about your career goals, they roll their eyes and push you to chase after something more realistic. They don’t believe that you have what it takes to reach your dreams. And when the person who knows you the best and cares about you the most doesn’t think you have what it takes, you stop having faith in yourself.

3. They’re a huge distraction. Instead of giving you the space you need during your work hours, they push their boundaries. They try to get you to press snooze on the alarm so they can cuddle with you for longer, even though they know it means you’ll be late. And they push you to call in sick to spend the day with them, even when they know your boss is already pissed at you.

4. They’re jealous of your success. They don’t want to hear about your day or about how you got a raise and are now making more money than them. They feel like they’re in competition with you and hate that they’re losing.

5. They aren’t willing to make sacrifices for you. They won’t even consider moving across the country with you so you can accept a promotion. And they don’t want you to change your hours for a promotion either, because it would be an inconvenience for them.

6. They see the negative in everything. Instead of being excited about your promotion, they’re pissed you have to work longer hours. Instead of being happy that your boss complimented you, they wonder if that boss was trying to hit on you.

7. They’re too clingy. They start fights with you if you work too many hours per week. And they get jealous if you come home from the office happy, because they hate what they do for a living. The better your job is going, the more your relationship suffers, and it sucks.

8. They encourage you to quit. Even though you love your job, they keep pushing you to leave, because they can provide for you. Because they can pay all the bills. Because it’s time to settle down and start a family. They don’t understand that you love your job, that you never want to give it up.

9. They give you ultimatums. They actually make you choose between them and your career. Between love and work. They don’t understand that you can have both, can have a balance.

10. They don’t want the same things that you do. They don’t want to live in the state you want to move to or own the type of house you want to purchase. Your visions of the future look extremely different.