10 Signs You’re An Exceptionally Talented Procrastinator


1. Your standards of cleanliness double.

You find yourself cleaning the stovetop, bathroom sink or fridge and just can’t comprehend how you’ve been living in such conditions.

2. Satiety becomes a priority.

You make multiple unsuccessful trips to the fridge in search of snack material. You are not expecting different results, but rather waiting for your standards to drop to the point where that 3-week-old hummus looks tempting.

3. You suddenly have news to share.

Mundane details of your day become urgent news that must be shared with your housemates – like how you saw your housemates cousin’s best friend 3 days ago and you think they might have dyed their hair.

4. Your snapchat score doubles.

5. The world of social media moves slower.

You’re frustrated that nothing interesting has happened on your Facebook newsfeed before realizing you last refreshed it only 3 minutes ago.

6. Deficits in your wardrobe become glaringly apparent.

You reach double figures on ASOS pages for a product you are more than unlikely to buy.

7. Suddenly you’re hygiene conscious.

You realize your nails need cutting or cleaning and figure most people should shower twice daily, I mean really.

8. You change tomorrow’s morning alarm.

Even thought it’s only 6pm now, your subconscious knows you will be having a late night working and need a sleep in tomorrow thanks to all the procrastination you’re about to do.

9. You’re reading pieces like this.

10. You learn the past history of your Professor.

Googling your tutor/employer is somewhat relevant to work, right? Maybe reading about all their accomplishments will motivate you to work harder.