10 Signs You’re Dating A Man Who You Could Be With Forever


The world of dating most definitely separates the men from the boys. As any single female on the dating scene knows, most guys can talk a good game, but it’s their actions that will tell everything that needs to be known about them. Some of them are very good at playing games and hiding certain aspects of their personalities. There are specific indicators that can make all the difference between a dating mistake and a lasting relationship, signs that will tell you that you are dating a real man.

Could I ever really know whether I’ve met “the one?” Unfortunately for us ladies, there isn’t a magic test and you should know that there’s no such thing as a “perfect” guy, but there are signs to know you’ve found the right guy for you. Look for these ten qualities and you will know you’ve found a keeper:

1. He listens when you talk.

He is genuinely interested in what you have to say and doesn’t sneak a peek at his phone while he nods cluelessly as you talk.

2. He puts time into his appearance.

He doesn’t show up for your date or even just to spend time with you in dirty, torn clothing or with his pants drooping to his knees. He respects himself and he respects you by caring about how he presents himself.

3. He is kind to others.

He doesn’t diss the elderly gentleman working as a WalMart door greeter or talk down to the server when you two go out to eat. He’s been known to comfort a crying child on occasion.

4. He is good to the women in his life.

As cheesy and cliché as it sounds, it is very true that you can tell a lot about a man from the way he treats, talks to and talks about his mother and the other women in his life – grandmother, sister, etc. Respect is respect, and if he respects them, he will respect you.

5. He likes animals.

Again, a little cheesy on the surface, but deep down a man who dislikes or is mean to a defenseless animal is on a power trip and has issues which could very well reveal themselves in a nasty way someday. Don’t take the chance.

6. He’s a hard worker.

Beware the guy who’s in his mid-20’s and still lives at home where his mother does his laundry, cooks for him, etc. A man with a healthy sense of self-esteem and ambition will have a job and he will go to work faithfully to earn his way in life.

7. He will remember important events in your relationship.

A good man will assign to memory your birthday, anniversary, etc., as well as things like your favorite perfume, favorite flowers, all the things that make you, you. He will want to have this information at hand in order to occasionally surprise you with gifts and special outings.

8. He will not allow you to be disrespected by anyone.

A boy will adopt the childish “Bros before hoes” attitude; a man will introduce his lady to his friends and allow no disrespect for her to pass their lips. He will make time for you exclusively and spend time with his friends as well, and never be upset that he is with you rather than with them.

9. He will care about your family’s opinion of him.

Some families will NEVER like a guy, even if he has wings and a halo. If your guy has been respectful to your family and to you, and they still won’t give him a chance, let him leave them be without you making a case out of it. If he has done his best and they still want nothing to do with him, it’s their issue, not his and not yours.

10. He won’t flirt, and he won’t allow women to flirt with him.

If one of your “friends” comes on to him, he will tell you immediately, not slip her his number with a wink. Any woman who approaches him will be informed in a gentlemanly manner that he in fact has a lady and is very happy. You will never feel a moment’s need to search through his cell phone.

A good man will display these qualities consistently, not just when he is with you or when the two of you are in the company of others. There are good guys out there, ladies. Now, it is your responsibility to make certain that you treat them with the same respect and care you want, so that they remain good men!