10 Signs You’re Dating An Immature Adult


1. He gets angry at stupid stuff.

Things that shouldn’t even be a topic of discussion will get him going into a fuss. You might even wonder what the hell he’s talking about. If he finally realized that he’s making a problem out of nowhere, he’ll hardly admit that. Instead, he’ll keep saying nonsense trying to cover up the mess he’s just started, unfortunately only with bigger mess.

2. He takes no responsibility.

For pretty much everything. You’ll find that he likes to play it safe regarding not only your relationship but other relationships in his life as well. Maybe even the one with his work. He’s always trying to escape any sort of responsibility and throw it on anyone else’s shoulders under the cover of how he thinks he ain’t sure he can do that thing as perfect as the other person. Lie. He just doesn’t want to learn how to do it.

3. He’s the “do what you like” type of person.

He’s not so because he’s trying to punish you or anything. Nor is he trying to give you the powers. No, he simply wants something different than all of that. He just doesn’t want to get involved.

4. You don’t come first most of the times.

You’re with him. Hoping you’d talk about anything but he gives you no attention and holds his phone and just scrolls down instead. He’d talks to his friend or whatever. Ninety percent of the times he’d choose his friends’ outings over ones with you. He is doing seemingly anything but appreciating the time you two could be having.

5. He’ll leave you until you calm if you said you’re angry/sad.

We all know that we’d say stuff like leave me alone. I don’t want to talk to anyone now. I want to cry by myself. But we also know that a mature partner would stay next to you and promise to not leave until you can calm down with him around. Until you tell him what’s troubling you. So, if he just leaves you because you’re “not your best at the moment”, instead of embracing you at your worst, I guess you know what that makes him.

6. He has to be told what to do.

You have to tell him when you need him to show more affection. When he should surprise you. He has to be reminded of your anniversary, your birthday, perhaps even his own birthday. He just can’t be the one who knows how he should be loving you. He might even blame you for not telling him like it’s your fault. When this happens, I just want you to know it’s not your fault that someone is not even pulling an effort to know how he could love you best.

7. He’ll do something wrong to you and won’t even realize it.

If you asked him whether he feels that he’s done something wrong to you lately, his answer is probably a No. And if you became direct and open about what exactly bothered you, he’ll not apologise because it never seems like it’s wrong to him.

8. He never talks about you seriously.

If you had a dream or something, he’s usually trivialising it in any way possible. He fails to be a support for what you believe in because nothing of it seems worthy of his support anyways. Let alone the fact that he never talks about your relationship like it’s one of his life’s priorities.

9. He himself fails to have dreams.

When you ask him about his ambitions, he just tells you how he’s trying to take it one step at a time. His talk is always full of “YOLO” mottos as long as it means he’d be enjoying every minute instead of working to do something better in his future.

10. He knows your worth every time you explain that you’ve had it of him anyhow.

If you told him that you’re tired of the way he doesn’t take care of you, he’d feel like you’re slipping from his hands and he’d start appreciating you right away.

Yet again, until it’s obvious that you’re not going anywhere, he’d go back to treating you like you’re replaceable and not his queen that he should keep loving every day.
The problem though usually is that all of this doesn’t always mean he doesn’t love you, it’s just that he’s not mature enough with his ways of loving you and realizing what love really means because love is definitely more than just a feeling. Love is also respect and effort.