10 Signs You’re Literally Incapable Of Being Single


1. You are constantly in long-term relationships. Ever notice that you have told more than one person that they are the one and they will be your partner forever and ever? But find you break up after several months or years just to be in another long-term relationship and the cycle continues.

2. You are constantly on social media talking to the opposite sex, and maybe dare I say flirting, even when you are taken. Yes, even though you know it’s wrong when you post that Instagram and start getting the dms of compliments you just can’t help but start conversations with the ones you think are cute and you might be interested in.

3. You are insecure. It’s like when you and your current partner are out and about and you catch a glimpse of yourself and don’t like what you see. You might be comparing yourself to every girl in the vicinity and all of a sudden lose all your confidence and just feel like sh*t.

4. You just want your own love story. You just want that perfect story to tell your kids and grandkids that you didn’t just meet on Instagram or Tinder. You want authentic love, and you want it so bad you might just force yourself to make it.

5. You rely on other people more than you probably should. You start to realize how easy it is to have the convenience of a partner. Someone to hold you when you are sad, pick you up from the airport, help you when you need something etc. It’s convenient, and it’s easy.

6. You constantly wonder “what if things were different?” You might find yourself with someone you really do this is the one this time. But then after a while, you again start comparing your relationship to others you might know or see on social media or TV. You might overthink and realize maybe you could be in a better scenario.

7. You might not be sure what being happy really means for you. It’s all fun and games until you find yourself in this routine where you thought you were so happy with them, but now you don’t even know what makes you truly happy anymore. You stop doing things for yourself and stop trying new things and whatever happened to your goals and ambitions?

8. You are obsessed with perfection. You just want to be perfect for your partner, and you expect your partner to be just as perfect to you. You get your hopes up a lot and get let down when things don’t go as you expected them to go.

9. You love the idea of love. You want that fairytale and will force yourself to believe you are in one.

10. You constantly think about your ex. Maybe you are happy. Maybe this one is the one. But why are you still wondering what your ex is doing? Are you still thinking that he/she could have made you happier?

Well ya. Same.