10 Signs You’re Obsessed With Christmas


We all love the holidays. I mean, what’s not to love right? Cookies, presents, family and friends…sure it’s all great but EVERYONE has that one friend who is down-right OBSESSED with them (and I am definitely guilty of being THAT friend).

1. The minute November rolls around, so does the Christmas music. In the car, at work, in the shower—you name it. Christmas only comes once a year and only one month of Christmas music is DEFINITELY not cutting it.

2. As the holiday approaches, you find yourself alone on Friday night’s cuddled on the couch with hot coco, watching your favorite Christmas movies—and you aren’t complaining about it.

3. You begin walking up to people at work ringing bells screaming “CAN YOU HERE IT? DO YOU STILL BELIEVE?”

4. You had your Christmas tree up before the first week of November ended.

5. Suddenly your house always smells like sugar cookies and pine needles, and all you have to offer your guests are ginger bread men and egg nog.

6. You subconsciously begin slipping notorious Elf quotes into ordinary conversations…

You look happy today Kate!

“I just like to smile, smiling’s my favorite”.

7. You go on crazy shopping tyrants, buying random presents for not only your friends and family, but also for Jerry—the creepy janitor that always wishes you a good day. Coffee mugs are probably the last thing he needs, and Jerry isn’t your friend but you’ll buy them for him anyway.

8. You start going to Church. Because suddenly Religion is something very important to you (and no not just because you get a little piece of chocolate every night when you open the new number and read the bible story that goes with it), even though it won’t be in a few more weeks you tell yourself you’re a good Christian and go to Mass for the rest of Advent.

9. You can’t go out of the house unless you are wearing red, white, or green. Festivity or death.

10. By the time December 25th is upon us, you’re absolutely sick of the holiday and will probably go to bed very early that night, swearing you hate the holidays but only to get re-energized by Halloween of the next year.

Happy Holidays!

featured image – YouTube