10 Simple Ways To Start Manifesting The Life You Actually Want


Manifesting the life you actually want is truly much easier than you would think. Manifestation, or the laws of attraction, is a process that came to light during The New Thought movement that emerged in the United States in the early 19th century. More recently, though, the technique has gained a lot more traction with the help of pop culture and freethinking celebrities like Chrissy Teigen, Lizzo, Oprah, and Deepak Chopra.

Even though it has become widely talked about and there are many watered-down versions of it out there, true manifestation does indeed require a bit of conscious planning and real commitment. Simply put, you shouldn’t expect your wishes to come true overnight while you sleep peacefully.

Nonetheless, there are some simple ways through which you can start manifesting the life you actually want, and here are 10 of them.

1. Start out with clear goals.

First things first, you need to establish your goals and intentions. It is also very important to be as specific as possible. Try and develop a detailed picture of what you want, be it a soulmate or a better job. Just remember to be specific.

2. Ask for what you desire and make sure to write it down on paper.

As soon as you establish your clear intentions and goals, you have to actually ask the universe for what you want. This can be done in numerous ways from prayer, meditation, and speaking out loud to writing your goals on actual paper.

3. Work towards your goals.

Now comes the hardest part. After you ask the universe for what you want, you need to actually start working towards those goals. Think of this as a collaboration between you and the universe. Neither of you can go at it alone, so you need to work together.

4. Practice mindfulness and gratitude for what you receive.

No matter what you receive, you should remember to be mindful and grateful. Even though you might not think that what you received is helpful, just keep in mind that those who show gratitude are always taken care of.

5. Abandon any doubt or limiting ideas.

If you are serious about manifesting the life you actually want, you will need to let go of any limiting ideas or doubt. There is no room here for negativity, and you have to allow yourself to be completely taken over by the process.

6. Be aware of your energy.

Always be aware of the energy you are sending out in the universe because it might come back tenfold. This rings true especially when you are manifesting.

7. Allow yourself to adapt to any changes that might occur.

You should let yourself be flexible and welcoming of any changes.

8. Try to be tight-lipped for a little while.

Another really important aspect when manifesting is staying silent about it. Make an effort and don’t share with others that you’re in the process of manifesting. It’s not about keeping secrets. It’s just about allowing the process to fully take place before any thoughts or energy from other people might intervene.

9. Remember to be patient.

Patience is key, even more so when manifesting.

10. Trust the process.

Ultimately, you will have to trust the process. It might take weeks, months, or even years. But in the end, you will see that it was all worth it.