10 Small Digs You Experience After A Breakup


1) The first time you have to cross out the +1 option on a wedding invitation or another formal function.

2) The fact that you don’t have any good vacation photos to throw up on #TBT, since oh right, they’re in all of them.

3) When you just want to stay in on a Friday night and cuddle, but your friends are busy, and you’re not close enough with your current interest yet to do so.

4) When you run into somebody that you haven’t seen in a while, and they ask how “so and so” is without knowing that the two of you split.

5) Every. Single. Song the two of you shared a love for magically shows up everywhere. At the bar, in the mall, at your Uncle Bobby’s 65th birthday party. These songs never came on the radio before, but now they’re topping the charts faster than you can say #depression.

6) When a movie that the two of you had planned to go see together finally hits theaters. Fuck you, 22 Jump Street. I’ll just binge-watch Mad Men and cry into my bowl of popcorn instead. Yea.

7) Coming across a really awesome, date-night type of restaurant and having to wait until you actually get a date to try it out. You could just go with your friends, or even by yourself, but you just know that it wouldn’t be the same.

8) Having to wonder if the next person you’re with will tolerate all of the odd little kinks about you. You like to inspect your food before eating it, and you also love blasting polka music in the morning. What’s not to love?

9) Finding out your ex has a new significant other, AND they have great hair. #cool

10) When your only other single friend starts dating someone new. There goes your reckless nights filled with tequila shots and crowd scanning. It’s just you and your single self tonight. But hey! At least now you get to take full advantage of those 2-for-1 happy hour specials without having to share, right?