10 Smart Ways For College Students To Master Time Management


1. Make A Plan.

Writing out everything sounds like more work, but in the long run it helps de-clutter the things going on in your brain. You can buy a planner, keep a schedule on a calendar or type a few things on the notes app. The 421 notes on my phone could definitely attest to that! Doing this keeps you from overestimating the time you have for an assignment or maybe even underestimating the time causing you to change your plans and re-do your whole schedule. It could be something as simple as around 2:00 or as complex as exactly at 2:15 on Tuesday after lunch. Alarms could also help too. Whatever works for you! Sometimes just going through the times and things you have to get done in your head can help put you on a path to productivity.

2. Set Goals.

Setting goals can be beneficial in saving time. Knowing what you want to accomplish and then striving towards those goals creates motivation. It will be a lot quicker than wandering around not knowing what you’re doing. Instead of taking pointless classes or waiting on filling out that job application get things like that done so it can get you one step closer to your goal.

3. Don’t Procrastinate!

Listen, I’m all for a Netflix sesh over a study sesh any day but when there are deadlines coming up you gotta get on that! (the assignment, not anything else..) Procrastination leads to stress and the incompletion of your school work. Make sure your priorities are straight because to be paying this much money we might as well graduate.

4. Don’t Stress!

With that being said, make some time for yourself. Whether it be watching a few episodes of Grey’s Anatomy or dancing it out, you have to make sure you keep your mind sane to be able to get anything done. Keeping your self healthy will decrease the times that you don’t go to class because you’re sick or you sleep instead of study. It’s hard to do in college but eat healthy, get some sleep, and keep your mind calm. Together that’s pretty much harder than school itself! Keep your body healthy and your grades will stay that way too!

5. Snack On The Go.

I could spend an hour eating Chick-Fil-A and talking to friends in the food court but that’s time that I could’ve used to write the essay that’s due at 11:59 that night. I love to stop and socialize but waiting in long lines and then waiting for your food takes up a lot of time. Something you can do is keep food in your room so you don’t have to go out all the time. Also taking small things like granola bars with you to class can hold you off until you have time to eat a full meal.

6. Bring Your Work.

If you ever find yourself with spare time bringing your work with you is a good idea. Maybe you got out of class early and instead of going back to your room you can sit at, (enter schools popular coffee place) and work on the 20 calc problems due for next class. This is very beneficial because you can win to meet up with friends but also get work done. It’s a win-win!

7. Use Your Resources.

There are a bunch of places around campus to get help with your work. It could be a writing center, a math workshop, some upperclass tutors or just the library, a quiet place to study. They are there to help you with your assignments. Instead of struggling for an hour on something, they can help you solve it in 15 minutes. Going to the library could also help because you can focus without distractions like your roommate and their bae. Knowing what you’re doing, and being able to do it definitely helps keep you from freak out mode leading to procrastination. (see number 3)

8. Just Say Yes.

A social life isn’t something to be afraid of. Even though it is a commonly disputed theory, you can have your cake and eat it too. You can still go out and get good grades no matter what “Alcohol Wise” says. I mean don’t go out every night to a frat party, but don’t just stay crammed in your room with textbooks. Getting out, relaxing and having some fun with friends can refresh you and make it easier to focus and get work done when you need to.

9. Put Your Phone Down!

Distraction…The biggest cause of late papers. Instead of actually doing my work I spend more time tweeting about how I don’t want to do it! Once our phone dings that text, Facebook message, Instagram like or retweet is 100% more important than our due dates. Putting down your phone while you finish homework can improve the quality and shorten the time it takes to get it done due to your undivided attention.

10. Sleep Tight!

I totally get wanting to binge watch Breaking Bad until 3 am, but your body and your mind need to rest! I mean, I know I have a really hard time getting up for my early 8:30’s even on a good 8 hours of sleep. College schedules can be crazy so there’s not always time for things like naps during the day. Once your day is done, tuck yourself in because being tired can totally mess with your productivity levels.