10 Snapchats Everyone Sends You (But You Secretly Have No Idea Why)


1. The Pic Of A Wall Because You Look Really Bad, But You Didn’t Want To Be Rude And Not Respond

2. Casual Cleavage

3. A Picture Of A TV

4. The One With Way Too Much Text And 3 Seconds To Read It

5. The Blurry, Shaky Concert Video That No One Could Possibly Understand

6. Food That No One Would Ever Be Excited About Seeing

7. The Obvious Mass Snapchat That Makes No Sense Whatsoever

8. The 30 Second Video That You Keep Watching Because You’re Sure Something Exciting Is Going To Happen, But Nope. It’s Just A Guy Drinking A Soda

9. The Useless Pic Of A Random, Inanimate Object That They’re Excited About For Some Reason

10. The Unexpected NSFW