10 Songs That Force You To Start Singing Along


As much as many of us wouldn’t like to admit, we sometimes wish life was a musical. It’s not, however, so we make it that way. This means there’s a song in every moment. Think about those friends that sing a song in appropriate and also very inappropriate moments. Whatever the case, music (not money, sorry) makes the world go round. It gets you when you are alone with your tub of ice cream, sulking over the fact that so-called hottie left you hanging for the tenth time in a row (not that you’re counting), when you fail that math test, when your parents just don’t get you or else when you’re so in love words can’t express it.

No matter what one goes through, there really is a song in every moment. Let’s face it. There are always words or phrases that have a song in them. Isn’t it the best when a group of people all burst into song when someone mentions a certain word or phrase? Sing your heart out to the following list of 10 songs that force you to start singing along.

10. Watch me – Silento

Such a classic. This catchy tune incorporates popular dance moves like the whip, “Nae Nae” and “Stanky Legg.” One would usually say this phrase when they’re trying to draw attention to something they’re doing. For example, you might be trying to defend the fact that you will be driving that Lamborghini in five years’ time. Because they love you and don’t want to kill your dreams, your family and/or friends might not see your vision as clearly or brightly as you do. That’s when you hit them with “ooh, watch me, watch me.” It’s funny how this song is like a dance tutorial. Just listen to the words and follow through with the respective moves. Easy as pie.

9. Respect – Aretha Franklin

For all the born-frees and millennial kids among us, this hit was done by the queen herself, Aretha Franklin. In 1967, this song took audiences by storm and has managed to survive over four decades and still stay relevant. You’ll hear your grandma, mother and sister say it every time they are going on about their men woes. It not only taught young girls how to spell but also to make sure of the more important things when it comes to a relationship. No point holding onto a man who doesn’t give a rat’s tail about you or your feelings. “R.E.S.P.E.C.T., find out what it means to me, R.E.S.P.E.C.T., take care, TCB”. You might want to Google that last one.

8. No Type – Rae Sremmurd

The two good-looking brothers who made this hit ring in at number 8. This phrase comes in handy when, say, you’re out with friends and they ask you what you would like to have to eat or drink. For example: “What drink do you want?” “I ain’t got no type. Fruit juices is the only thing that I like.” On closer observation, the lyrics just don’t make sense. You only realise this after singing half the chorus, mind you. Let’s analyse this a bit. “I ain’t got no type. Bad ladies is the only thing that I like.” But you just said you don’t have a type? So how come…? Never mind. Moving along swiftly.

7. Bad Blood – Taylor Swift

What do you get when you have two women who are beefing? Bad Blood. Taylor Swift has to be the most happening pop sensation since Katy Perry. She’s fun, witty and so up to date. What’s even better is her ability to relate to normal people like us. Go, Tay. She even has a song dedicated to her by One Direction. That’s when you know you’ve made it. Who can forget the unforgettable moment in history when yours truly’s “Blank Space” became the most viewed music video by a female artist on YouTube and Vevo? All hail Queen Swift. This song comes in handy with just about every situation involving fighting women. Or guys, cats, dogs … Cough.

6. Bad – Michael Jackson

This list would be incomplete without the legendary King of Pop himself. This phrase comes in handy when you’re feeling yourself, feeling yourself. For example, when you’re playing Grand Theft Auto with your posse and you do all the illegal things under the sun to bag that honey and car, you pop your collar and your friends say you’re bad. It can really be used to say you’re the one, the best, the craziest, the greatest and all those good adjectives in the dictionary. The dance moves that accompanied this video were kick-ass, too. Sure, the tough-looking men did a ballet routine for a brief second or two, but they really were such good moves. Who’s bad?

5. Happy — Pharrell

This was probably the most popular song of 2014. Just about everyone knows it or has heard of it. It’s the one and only “Happy” by never-aging Pharell. It is one of the biggest songs of the decade. “Happy” made everyone, well, happy. The hundreds of fan inspired videos, critical acclaim (including the highly-coveted Grammy Award for Best Pop Solo Performance at the 57th Annual Grammy Awards) and awards are all evidence of this. As suggested by the name, this word can be used when feeling emotions related to happiness. Pharell’s gratitude for this phenomenon was so emotional. His gratitude made its rounds on social media where one can see him crying buckets of tears and thanking God. You deserve every second of happiness coming your way, Pharell.

4. Gold-digger – Kanye West

Where would the world be without Kanye West and his infamous “Yo, I don’t mean to interrupt and Imma let you finish but….” Twitter rant against game manufacturers, and fashionable moments? He is the king of all things awkward and inappropriate. This list would have been inadequate without his input. Despite all his unconventional ways, no one can argue about his amazing talent and ability to put emotions into words that all can relate to. Who has not started singing “gold-digger” when someone mentions a girl who’s all about that paper? A gold-digger is something more and more people are willing to become. People just don’t care. The economic crisis says there’s no time for modesty. Dig for gold and you shall find.

3. Single Ladies – Beyoncé

Everyone wants to be this woman. Even the First Lady. Blue Ivy’s mother must be doing something right. This song was such a hit, even guys in leotards (no names mentioned) were strutting their stuff doing the moves. It had people worldwide getting in on it, from little kids to grannies and superstars. Unfortunately, this song just brings the sad reality of Queen Bey going home to her husband while hundreds of single ladies partied the night away, just to go home to an empty, cold, quiet bed. Go, Bey.

2. About a week ago – Bobby Shmurda

How many of us thought the title of this song was actually “About a week ago?” It’s not. It’s actually something not so tasteful. You actually have to wait 2 minutes and 20 seconds before you hear those words. Surprising, isn’t it? It’s actually very similar to 50 Cent’s “go, go, go shawty. It’s your birthday” which actually only appears once in the entire song. “About a week ago” is best used when asking someone when something happened. For example: “When last did you see your gran?” “About a week ago.” Not only do you have a catchy phrase, you have the “Shmoney dance” to accompany it. Sounds like the perfect 2 for 1 deal.

1. [Insert appropriate word better have my money – Rihanna

And the number 1 phrase that makes you burst into song goes to none other than Rihanna. Even knowing the story behind the song doesn’t quite justify the gruesomeness that is the video but that’s a story for another day. This song is particularly applicable to the vacillating economic upheaval the world is facing these days. Whether you’re a loan shark, hustler, banker, kindergarten teacher, student or mother, you’re definitely going to be singing this song when that kid or adult from the corner owes you $5 and keeps dodging you. We pray we don’t get to Riri’s level of thugness.

In a world with trends and fashion styles that keep coming back, music seems to be just another one of those things that although keeps changing, is also quite constant. There are several phrases that are incorporated in daily conversation ranging from “YOLO” to “we made it.” It is no surprise that there have been many one hit wonders. Why? Simply because they take advantage of everyday phrases, couple them with a great beat and catchy chorus and there you have it. Common phrases that make you burst into song. Where they at, doe?