10 Songs To Listen To When You’re Experiencing Severe Wanderlust


All my fellow wanderlusters out there can relate to this feeling: it’s 2pm on a Wednesday afternoon. You’re bored and stuck at work, so naturally the wanderlust inside you forces you to look up flights to a destination. Any destination will do really. I can afford a trip now, right? Wrong. Unfortunately, all your bank account shows evidence of is your severe sushi addiction. Damn you, red dragon rolls.

Not all these tracks are about traveling per se, but every time these songs come on in my car I feel like I’m someplace else. I hope that they can do the same for you and help you ride out the wave until your next adventure. If you can’t escape to a tropical island or a beautiful European city, here are ten songs to transport you in other ways.

Amsterdam by Gregory Alan Isakov

Churches and trains / They all look the same to me now/ They shoot you some place / While we ache to come home somehow



Budapest by George Ezra

I’d leave it all for you


Barcelona by George Ezra

The native man sang in a foreign tongue / I still ache to know the song that he sung/Barcelona



Nashville by David Mead

Going back to Nashville / Thinking about the whole thing / Guess you gotta run sometimes


Boston by Augustana

She said I think I’ll go to Boston / I think I’ll start a new life / I think I’ll start it over / Where no one knows my name


West Coast by Lana Del Rey

Down on the west coast / I get this feeling like / It all could happen / That’s why I’m leaving


Colder Weather by Zac Brown Band

She said you’re a ramblin’ man / You ain’t ever gonna change / You got a gypsy soul to blame / And you were born for leavin’


California by Wave

I’m going to California / Going to live the life / Sippin’ on tequila /Night after night


San Francisco by Stu Larsen

I won’t know where I’m going till I get there / You know I wish you felt the same / Maybe I’ll find love in San Francisco / I can hear her calling out my name


Carolina In My Mind by James Taylor

Hey babe the sky’s on fire / I’m dying ain’t I? / I’m going to Carolina in my mind