10 Statements All Whiskey Drinkers Know To Be True


There are certain statements all whiskey drinkers know to be true, no matter where they come from. And to celebrate the launch of Jim Beam® Single Barrel (the first-ever single barrel product from the world’s #1 bourbon), whiskey fans all over the country have the opportunity to take part in the craft-making process of this hand-crafted and hand-selected bourbon.

The brand is launching the Jim Beam® “Single Barrel, Single Statement” Contest and asking fans to share their “statements” – whether it’s a favorite toast, how to sip a great glass of bourbon, whom to enjoy it with or where to drink it – at JimBeamSingleStatement.com for a chance to be featured on the inside back label of actual bottles of Jim Beam® Single Barrel. They could join some of the great quote-makers of history and the craftspeople who have been making history with Jim Beam for generations.

1. A good glass of whiskey satisfies with every taste. Find the time to celebrate each sip, and every one after it.

2. Good friends and good bourbon go hand-in-hand.

3. True happiness comes from within, so cheers to the good and don’t dwell on the bad.

4. The best things take time and patience to mature into something worth putting your name on – a good relationship, your favorite jeans, or a quality bourbon.

5. A true gentleman keeps his bar stocked with high-end bourbon at all times – like Jim Beam® Single Barrel, hand-picked to ensure distinct flavor and personality.

6. Confidence is key – good things happen to guys who trust their gut and take a risk – no second-guessing, no looking back.

7. The best writers sipped on whiskey while putting pen to paper – from Hemingway to Twain, Chandler to Shaw – which goes to show that bourbon is the perfect companion for making history.

8. Two things a man should never compromise – his reputation and his choice in quality bourbon.

9. Things mature and evolve over time – like the complexity of the palate. Reach for a hand-picked bottle of bourbon that’s been aged and personally selected with care – Jim Beam® Single Barrel.

10. Some things are meant to be sipped and enjoyed, not rushed through. Take the time to truly appreciate the nuances of your bourbon.

NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Must be legal resident of the 50 United States and 21 years of age or older to participate. Void where prohibited. Subject to complete official rules located at www.JimBeamSingleStatement.com. Contest begins July 16, 2014, and ends August 17, 2014.

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