10 Strange Things That Shamelessly Happen When You Work From Home


1. You can blast whatever type of music however loud you want.

Feeling a little reminiscent? Backstreet Boys and Britney circa 2000. “Oops I Did It Again” never sounded so good.

2. You can wear (or not wear) whatever you please.

No pants today? Sweet. Just remember you don’t have any on when you go to the cafe downstairs. That might scare the cute barista, or intrigue him, who knows!

3. The maintenance people might come in without knocking.

Because chances are they come around at work hours, and they assume you go to work like everyone else. Hopefully it is one of the days you decide to wear pants. Otherwise things could get a little awkward. 

4. The local coffee baristas ask you what you do because you’re in there everyday at 11 AM.

I have a job, I swear. No really, I do work. How do you think I buy this over priced coffee everyday?

5. Your fridge is always calling your name.

When it’s your own fridge, and not the company’s, you’re free to have whatever snack you’d like, and however often you’d like it. No brown bags written with other people’s names here, help yourself the options are infinite (if you went grocery shopping).

6. You hear everything that goes on in your building when no one thinks you’re there.

For example if someone has the day off, and you just happen to hear the guy who lives above you singing at the top of his lungs to some 80s rock anthem. He didn’t know he had an audience, but that’s what happens when you work from home.

7. You probably have conversations with yourself.

Sometimes unknowingly. These are the moments you think you should get a dog or a small pet to feel a little less hopeless.

8. You get to perform your weird habits from 9-5.

Maybe you like to sit on the floor, maybe you like to type while standing, whatever your weird work ethic may be, there’s no one around to judge you. Your 2 minute jumping jack break is totally acceptable in your own home.

9. You forget what work clothes look like.

So you’re saying I can’t wear jogging shorts and a tank top to an office? Hmm… Interesting.

10. You’re free to say profanities when necessary.

Stub your toe, “Ouch, F*CK!” Watch a crazy viral video, “Holy SH*t!” Sometimes you can even get colorfully creative with your choice of words, “Insert whatever weird unheard of curse word that comes to your mind!”