10 Struggles All Academic Over-Achievers Face On A Daily Basis


1. You don’t really know how to tell your friends (or family) that you would much prefer to be in the library than going to Starbucks without sounding like a geek.

2. Due dates are the most important things in your mind. So you feel obliged to finish everything a week before. Otherwise, the due dates are what you think of, all the freaking time.

3. Last-minute preparation has the potential of actually killing you because it stresses you out.

4. Group work is your least favorite thing in the world because you have to consider everyone else’s ideas, when really, the one that matters is yours.

5. You say to your friends or classmates that you aim for Cs or Bs just because you don’t want to sound conceited. When in reality, you’re really aiming for those straight As.

6. When you do get your As, you feel compelled to act normal, as if nothing happened because again, you don’t want to sound conceited. So instead you let your brain and heart burst in joy silently.

7. Despite when everyone says “grades are just letters”, it is a big deal to you. Scoring an A is an achievement that you think you should give yourself credit for.

8. You don’t really believe in ‘experiences’ because you believe that having to graduate with excellent GPA score, is your ticket to a promising career path. You hate this thought because everyone says otherwise.

9. You (probably) hate exams because they are not the most effective way to test someone’s intelligence since it involves a lot of memorizing.

10. You enjoy studying a ridiculous amount, and this might cost you your social life. But screw social life, right?