10 Struggles Every Straight-Forward Woman Can Relate To


Blunt women are often mislabeled as b*tches. While there can certainly be some overlap there occasionally, they’re not necessarily one and the same.

A b*tch will deliberately deliver a remark that’s biting and cutting to undermine or hurt you, whereas a blunt gal is simply saying what she truly believes, and assumes you’re strong and secure enough to be able to handle it. After all, isn’t honesty the best policy?

Yeah, usually. But admit it: Sometimes you really just don’t want the truth. This sentiment is what makes a blunt girl’s life so hard. They respect you too much to feed you bullsh*t, but then you just end up pissed at her anyway.

Here are just a few struggles blunt women everywhere suffer through every damn day. And remember: Filters are for water, not for thoughts.

1. You have no issue telling your pal that yes, that dress does make her look fat…

2. And then you don’t understand why she gets mad at you for saying so. Dude, she’s the one who asked.

3. Your friends are afraid to introduce you to their ugly babies, because, well…

4. When your BFF asks about her douchebag of the week, you’re just like…

5. You consider sedatives before meeting your new boyfriend’s parents, just to avoid trouble when you get home.

6. You’re somehow always expected to apologize just for being honest.

7. When you overhear something dumb, you just can’t help yourself.

8. On Christmas, you flatly let Aunt Edna know that sweater isn’t suited to your tastes.

9. Job interviews are never easy.

10. You don’t waste time talking behind anyone’s backs, because everyone already knows exactly what you think of them.