10 Struggles Of Being An Indecisive Person In College


1. You have a great idea of what you want to do, but when given the options, you can only choose one. When you really want to do all of them.

2. You are very eclectic in what you like to learn, but you have to stay on a strict course list for your major. So taking that art class, isn’t an option.

3. Lunch is a struggle. You have all of these places to choose from, and you have so little time before your next class. It’s like the International-Campus-of-Food-Choices.

4. Also, getting to your class is a struggle. You have many different ways to get there, but choosing which way to get there takes longer than the actual walk.

5. When it comes to studying, you can never make up your mind on where to study. One minute it’s the library, the next minute it’s the coffee shop, and then it’s your dorm.

6. You drive your academic advisor insane. You’re constantly changing your major, your classes, and your entire college plan. Giving your parents massive heart attacks along the way.

7. When asked about your major, you can never give a precise answer, due to the fact you change it daily.

8. Like the seasons, your passions change. One week you want to be a doctor in Anthropology, the next week you want to be President of the United States.

9. When approached to join a club or a team, they all sound amazing. The only problem, you only have time for so many, because you have college responsibilities to attend too.

10. Overall, the whole college experience. You have so many things to experience! Study abroad options, Greek life, and sports teams. It is an absolute burden to appease your interests, because you always feel you’re neglecting the main responsibilities of life.