10 Struggles Only Lefties Can Understand


1. The modern day torture device that is a pair of scissors.

You can either dig through the box of scissors for the one green pair of lefty scissors on the bottom, or you can risk trying to use the righty scissors. The struggle.

2. Writing neatly in a spiral notebook or three ring binder is simply a far away dream.

Just give up now. It will never happen.

3. Losing all hope of ever finding sanitary lefty sports equipment in gym class.

There was one lefty baseball glove that I promise is older than the school.

4. The struggle of eating next to a righty.

Elbow bumping city.

5. School desks are the enemy.

If you’re lucky, you might find one lefty desk on the back corner that only has ten pieces of gum stuck to the seat.

6. The pen and credit card swipe are both on the left side of the machine.

Designed by yours truly, Satan.

7. Getting asked if you’re a lefty every time someone notices you using your left hand.

“OH MY GOSH THAT IS SO AWESOME. My [insert distant relative’s name here] is a lefty! So crazy!”

8. Getting inexplicably excited when you find a fellow lefty.

They understand that being a lefty can sometimes be like riding the struggle bus, then having the bus crash and pin you underneath it.

9. Zippers on jean pants are designed to be used by your right hand.

Satan strikes again!

10. The mark of all lefties: constantly having ink on the side of your hand.

The earlier you accept the fact that there will always be ink on the side of your hand, the easier your life will be. It doesn’t matter if you haven’t written anything for days, it. will. still. be. there.