10 Things Fuckboys Do To Fool You Into Thinking They Actually Like You


1. At first, he only pays attention to youHe will eye you from across the room. He will ask for your number. He will blow up your phone. He will make it look like he is crazy about you — but as soon as he gets what he wants from you, he will create some distance between you.

2. He keeps telling you how much he misses you. He never actually sets plans to hang out with you, which should make you realize that he isn’t all that serious about you — but in reality, every time he talks about how much he misses you, it only makes you melt.

3. He likes every single one of your posts. He might not answer your texts, but he will like all of your pictures, which makes you feel attractive. After all, he must be interested if you keep getting Instagram notifications from him. You just try not to think about the fact that he’s been liking other girls’ posts just as often.

4. He showers you in compliments. He calls you cute. He calls you funny. He calls you sweet. He makes you feel like he really wants you — but then he mentions how he’s not ready for a relationship right now. He refuses to put a label on you.

5. He texts first. Sure, he only initiates conversations after midnight or after he’s already wasted, but you assume that it must mean something. It must mean that he can’t stop thinking about you, even when he’s not in his right mind. You take it as a compliment when it should be considered an insult.

6. He gets touchy. Whenever you’re in the same room, he can’t keep his hands off of you. He rests a hand on your thigh. He playfully shoves you. He holds your waist. But you assume he’s flirting for the same reason you are. Because you want something serious. And that’s not always the case.

7. He makes up believable excuses. He has an explanation for everything. He knows exactly what to say about why it took him so long to answer your last text and why he had to cancel plans at the last second. Even though your gut tells you not to buy it, your heart pushes you to believe him.

8. He turns your conversations sexual. Whenever he texts you, it’s only a matter of time until he mentions something risqué. He might even ask for nudes. Instead of seeing this as a red flag that proves he’s only interested in sex, you think it means you have a chance of dating him.

9. He keeps telling you how much he wants to see you. He invites you to grab a beer someday — but he never names a time and place. His big talk tricks you into thinking he likes you, but really, he can’t be all that interested if he never takes the initiative to find a time when you’re both actually free.

10. He tells you how much he likes you. Fuckboys don’t always fight fair. Sometimes, they’ll lie about how much they like you — or even pretend that they want a relationship with you — in order to get what they want from you. That’s why you have to be careful when it comes to your heart.