10 Things Every College Woman Has Experienced With The ‘Hot Girls Syndrome’


There’s a science behind the attraction to a group of college girls. Whether you’re short or tall, blonde or brunette, gorgeous or “sorta pretty,” everyone is guaranteed to notice you and your friends when you walk down the street. Nobody knows why, but it’s true.

While the attention can be flattering, it is usually unwarranted and makes you question, “Why are they looking at us?” This is what happens when you experience the ogled side of “Hot College Girls” Syndrome.

  1. When you go out for a girls night, you all end up going home with hot guys.
  2. You have to constantly intercept the guys that try and hit on your not-so-single friend at a party.
  3. You haven’t paid for any of your drinks.
  4. Same goes for your drunchies.
  5. Security guards and bouncers know your whole squad by name and will sometimes offer to drive you home after their shift or take you to a party.
  6. The guys that come home with you or your girls always ask for a threesome.
  7. When you post a picture of your girls on Instagram, there’s always random accounts that comment something like “Wow, so beautiful 😉 😉 ;)” or “Let’s do a photoshoot” or “@bro123 dude check out these chicks.”
  8. Guys always check out you and your friends at the gym, even when you’re doing nothing impressive.
  9. People seem really surprised when you and your girls aren’t in a sorority.
  10. When you go out with your whole squad, you feel freakin’ powerful.