10 Things Every Internetty Couple Can Relate To


1. Your chat window is devoid of words.

Stickers. It’s all about the stickers and emojis. Typing is so 2013. 😚

2. Whenever you get your food, you wait for your partner.

…to take a picture of their food.

3. When you’re at your favorite froyo shop…


Your partner says, “I got this one,” and you can’t help but feel true love.

4. You both can’t decide on Seamless orders.

This leads to a passive-aggressive showdown about who wants what. Thai? Maybe. Sushi? Only if you want it. Pizza? I don’t know.

5. You can’t help brainstorming quirky baby names.


Xander? River? Totally.

6. You hate-follow the same people.

You two throw shade around, especially over social media. You both hate-follow the same people and trash talk them. Twitter drama? Oh yes, you two will be all over it.

7. You met on the internet!

You met each other on Twitter. You were the Twitter couple before Zach Craig and Jordan Daigle.

8. You can’t decide on Netflix or going out.

You two debate this on the daily. Netflix or the bar? Honestly, though, whatever you decide to choose, it will always be an Instagram moment because you two will always look cute together.

9. You ask for input on photos.

You show your partner your photo and get their input. Only then will you edit it on VSCO and upload to Instagram.

10. You two Facebook-stalk photos of yours friends.

You two go through your friends’ photos and talk about who will have a cute baby and who will have an ugly baby. No shame. Just don’t go around telling people you do this.